5 Things you Should know Before Chop Long Hairs

| October 31, 2015

Know about 5 things before getting short hairs

Hay girls! You know very well that your hair style much affects on your appreance & facial beauty also tells about your personality so, whenever you goes to change your hairstyle or cut long Rapunzel hairs into pixie or bob shorts then you should took finally decision after lot of consideration because before cut it looks extremely easy but sometimes it may be huge shock for you when you firstly comes at the front of mirror after a big changeover of long hairs into short. But now nobody can help you for secondly obtain long hairs and no option here for once more time paste cut hairs with glue or gum. For avoid this distress and unmoved situation you should to follow these five instructions those will surely brng successful & admirable short do.

1.    Know about your face shape

Face shape has imperative significance in your facial beauty so, always keep in mind your exact face shape or check which shape (oval, rounded, diamond, heart or square) is elongated with your face outline. Oval is lucky & favorable silhouette for you that is great for blunt bangs bob and if you are round then straight fringe with side slit will make your over circle super small & catchy. Pointed chin face people should avoid from top crimping hairstyle because it exude longer unattractive face expression.

2.    Think about texture of hairs

Second step is to know about hair texture, if you have sleek straight hairs then shortcut is best choice and positive option for you because this grants valued inspiring ideas to set pixie, bob, bang or up do hair styles but if you are opposite from this I means coarse thick curly hairs then you can’t take it easy without salon because no hair product can turn your curly wavy hairs in thin fine layers and you can enjoy less options like messy pixie shortcut or back combing headband hairstyle.

3.    Select appropriate hair color

Now a day, the craze of highlighted dye hairs is most prominent that in this current 2015 running fashion era crossed the selection of blonde, brown, golden & golden and now girls apply latest trendy synthetic colors like platinum, ombre, grey, rose gold and some more. You should be note your face tints such as fairy, olive, ivory or dark then took decision whose hair hue is suitable for you or get information from celebrity salon hair stylist.

4.    Recognize about yourself

Its mean, you big changing of short cut hair style never impact from your pros or attributes of personality. Keep in mind your stage of life & class that relates you because these common issues that may spoil your exceptional changing in appreance then you will prey of disturb stress.

5.    Accumulate  inspirational photos

This is most effective & clever idea to check result before execute process of getting shortcut hairs. Take a look on Pinterest, eBay, Amazon & Etsy & collect celebrity pics those hair styles impress you and now find out your face shape and hair texture and think how this haircut will work on your life style and manifestation. You can also select hair dye by these images or another option is to meet with friends those hair dyes & hair styles attract your lovely admiring attention & share their experience to transition long smooth hairs in modern crazy short do.

Hope, now you will satisfy to get this makeover in hairstyle & surely attest of successful result.

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