Amazing Banana Braid Hair Styles

| August 19, 2015

West-African Banana braids hair styles:

Banana is an exclusive African girls’ hairs style that mostly carry by black women with heavy hairs. This intricate pattern banana hair style you can’t easily follow rather than you need to be expert in this practice. It looks very nice and can create in numerous diverse styles such as Ghana, cornrow, Cherokee and pencil braids etc. Ghana braids or Ghana buns both styles are included in this African ethnic hair style that made in some times but enjoy long lasting hours. This tough Ghana braid requires continuously attention in making process and then exudes fantastic ultra-classic appearance. Here, I collected amazing varied styles of West-African distinctive Ghana braid hair styles those look interesting & fetching. Take a look and get awesome lovely banana braid hair styles.

1 Superb banana braids in high bun vogue:

1 Lovely Banana Braids ideas (1)

Look at this classy & tough banana braids hair style that is created by make thin tight many braids & then these all are bond in high bun style. Really, this exudes ultra-classic demonstration.

2 Ghanan braids in long back pony tail:

2 Lovely Banana Braids ideas (6)

African women enjoy pony tail hair style in exclusive vogue such as you are seeing in this above image that a Afghan girl has long hairs which all are arranged in small banana braids and then entire collected in single pony tail.

3 Fantastic top bun cornrow hair style:

3 Lovely Banana Braids ideas (9)

This African ethnic ladies’ hair style is very impressive that is started from neck & then all petite tight braids are added in top high bun.

4 Gorgeous banana braids in draping style:

4 Lovely Banana Braids ideas (4)

Have a great impressive glance of this amazing and inspiring banana braid that is created in back draping form with enormous neatness and looks awesome graceful.

African girls Ghana braid hair styles:

In the gallery of images, you can see furthermore magnificent & surprising African braid hair styles those are all have extraordinary attractive glance. Hope, you will like & admire this great impressive collected work.


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