Baldness, Thinning & Hair Loss in Men Reasons & Causes

| October 19, 2015

Reasons of Hair Loss in Male Gender:

In this age of modernism, when man has got progressed in every field of life, still there are some diseases that must attack on them in any age of life. No one can save himself from these problems. But it is also a fact that men try to tackle with these problems. Among this list of problem, one most common problem is the hair lose, thinning of hair or baldness. Especially this problem arises in men. So, today, I would like to discuss some reasons or causes of hair lose in men. This problem commonly occurs in adult men. Alopecia Totalis is a disease in which loss of hair from all head occurs & baldness is a loss of hair from the head especially starts from the crown area& move to the left, right, front & back side ultimately leads towards baldness. Let’s take a look!

1)    The hair lose occurs due by fungal infection a phenomenon of persistence irritations.
2)    Sometimes hair lose occurs due the compulsive pulling such as the men who made tight & high ponytails, tight updo or other hairstyles.
3)    Sometimes, the usage of drugs shows its side effects in the form of hair lose.
4)    The nutritional deficiencies especially the deficiency of iron, biotin, protein & zinc etc leads towards hair loss.
5)    The people who are engaged in radiotherapy treatments they usually face hair fall problem.
6)    The traumatic damage & deep/severe stress can cause hair loss.
7)    Common diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease & cholesterol, these all leads towards hair fall, hair thinning & baldness.
8)    The brushing of hair in rigorous style leads towards more fast hair loss.
9)    The hair styling with excessive heating machines damaged hairs a lot.
10)    The massage of scalps in rough style causes hair fall.
11)    Aging is another factor to hair loss.
12)    Hereditary factor also cause hair loss.

reasons for hair loss especially for men (1) reasons for hair loss especially for men (2) What is up there?

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