Best Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hairs

| November 18, 2016

Hairstyle holds great significance in overall demeanor of a bride. It really can make your look completely change. A bridal must select such hairstyle that suits to her personality and also go with her face structure and features. You must know the shape of your face and then it will be easy for you to select that hairstyle which will suit you the most. A bridal may go with high updo, Messy braid, double braid, High up and down and curly waves etc.

Further hairstyle can be adorned with floral decoration, crown, clip and pins of different styles. A few things which you should have in your mind are your face features, your dressing and your personality. Here we will discuss different hairstyles for long hairs that you can choose for your wedding function;

High and low braided hairstyle;


Long hairs always give a very decent look and on your wedding day you can manage them in most suitable way. Making this high and low braided hairstyle your hairs will look immensely beautiful and arranged in nice-looking hairstyle. White and pink color floral decoration will add more charm to your hair style. Straight hair with braid at center having multiple layers on its sides is really very eye-catching.

Chignon for bridals hairstyle;


Women with heart shaped face can go with this hairstyle. Chignon gives somewhat regal look to a bride. This hairstyle is best for long hairs and it can be adorned with clip or pin at the side of the hairs. Wearing a gown this hairstyle will look awesome and gorgeous. This hairstyle recalls past days of queen’s time when there were royal families. So making this style bridal will exude princess or queen look.

Twist braided messy braid;


Twist braided messy braid gives very chic and fashionable look. This hairstylist is as made for long hairs and it can suit to most of the face structures. Sleeveless long white gown will look very nice with this hairstyle. You will look very elegant placing the messy braid on your shoulders. You can further adorn this hairstyle with clip or pin of white color. Side parted hairs with this long messy braid will complement your suit a lot.

Messy braid with long length pin;


Messy braid is looking tremendously outstanding and this style can be adopted by any of the bride as it can complement to every face structure. Let some tresses away from the braid and these will exude more feminism to your appearance. These types of long braids are mostly liked by girls and women. These are the styles which are not difficult to make. You will not look overstatement giving a chic and fashionable look.

Back-combing with wavy tresses;


If you have an oval face then must consider backcombing for it will suit u a lot. Making a backcombing on front side you can make wave curls at back and this style will give you regal look. With off-shoulder outfit this hairstyle will go perfect to give you princess look. This hairstyle will suit to those women who have high volume hairs.

Edges curl for long hair;


Edges curls give very decent and sophisticated look especially when you are of delicate nature women. If you are wearing backless outfit then this one will look very nice with your dress. You can adorn it with a silver color clip or pin that is embellished with stones and pearls.

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