Best Hairstyles of Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor

| December 26, 2016

Kareena Kapoor is the best and famous Bollywood actress her acting is very good and many girls are fans of her style she is a glamorous lady her  figure is so balanced all the  curves and the shape of her body is so  fabulous all the girls like to  adopt these styles which make these Bollywood actresses  all are so good and beautiful  the makeup and their hairstyles are copied by the  girls young girls are very  obsess for the new fashion  and the Bollywood  actresses are  in the new style hairstyles and the dresses  so here we are talking about the Kareena  who is in the different hairstyle .

in the long and short  hair  she look so beautiful  and many hairstyles are introduced by the designers due to these Bollywood actresses .you know this fact that hairstyles can change your overall look and you look  dashing in the different hairstyles  so if you want to see the Kareena Kapoor in the different hairstyles then stay with us and see the different  hairstyle of Kareena.

Layer  pointed hair:

Kareena Kapoor is looking nice whether  it is in the simple hairstyle but the simple hairstyle is making her lovely  side parted layer hairstyle with the saree  is good for the Kareena with the saree and Shalwar kameez both  look nice in this hairstyle.

Becumin with open:

In the show Kareena is looking so hot because she has made the becumin hairstyle with the wavy curl edges for the becumin she had made the puff for the balancing of the becumin and the hair which are open that is looking so dashing in the brown shaded hair color.

Long wavy hair:

Long wavy hairs are looking so beautiful on their mujra character with their mujra dress their long wavy hair at one sided is looking so nice one sided puff and the jhummar is good in her long hair   with the fancy dress  your open hair are giving you a pretty look.

Kareena Kapoor with bun style:

Kareena Kapoor is looking nice in the traditional hairstyle all the sleek hair is back center parted  high bun on the back and embellished with the  kajra and flowers  for the embellishing  of your top bun and the  center mang tikka is looking nice and giving you a traditional look.

Kareena in high pony:

In the high ponytail every girl look so innocent and cute  with the messy high ponytail straight style is looking so decent you can use the colorful pony  in your tail and for the different function  you can make this hair  Kareena Kapoor is in the public place with her simple ponytail hair style.

Side braided hair:

If the long hair ,short hair and the  pony tail look nice then the braided hairstyle also look gorgeous on the Kareena Kapoor  in your golden brown hair make the side parted losses twisted hairstyle it is the  photo shoot of  any movie in which she is looking so  glamorous and cute.

Half up and half down:

Half up and half down hairstyle look so beautiful and  girl’s  favorite hairstyle  in your straight   wavy hair  both sided  twisted  is looking nice on your hair you can use the colorful fancy pins and the brooches  for the formal look she is looking in the attitude the girls who have short hair make this hairstyle.

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