Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

| April 17, 2017

Women with long hair are lucky enough because long length hair is always in trend and there are so many options when comes to the styling. Various different and stylish hairstyles can be made with long hairs for different kinds of occasions and events.

There are so many ways to achieve long locks when all your attempts to grow out your mane to prove fruitless. Here we have rounded up some beautiful and stylish hairstyles for you that you can wear according to the event.

An easy way to pull back your hair from your face and make ballerina buns on the both sides of crown of your head and leave all of your long length strands over your shoulders, be sure that your hairstyle is going to be ultra chic. This hairstyle will work best for Halloween Party and friends get together with plain light color t-shirt and black leggings.

The school-girl ribbon has never failed us in the style department; it is the chicest way to break up a head full of hair. if the thought of tying a bow in your hair reminds you of third grade, I can assure that this style is anything but juvenile.

Make this wavy hairstyle by using ribbon in each strand and tie your ribbon at the end or bottom in the shape of a bow or you can also use a bow tie in the matching color with your ribbon at the end of your braid or hairstyle for dramatic effect and your hairstyle will look flawless.

Long strands are all the better way to wear in perfect curls like these shown in the picture looking nice and voluminous. Long and curly hair in brown color with golden and blonde highlights is the best way to capture a free spirited girl vibe.

Use a skinny curling iron wand and curl all sections of your long hair to create volume and to look stylish. While curling, be sure to pull the curls the out just slightly to avoid the poodle effect.

The problem often comes when styling long thin hair because long thin hair is difficult to style as it lacks volume; bounce, curls and waves don’t stay any long. Long thin hair often tends to look dull and flat, making your hair looking boring, if you have long thin hair then you can take help from this picture and make a voluminous hairstyle for formal events.

Updo is a great way to hide thin hair whether updo is messy, tight or loose, an updo will hide the less volume and take away attention from the volume and instead, focus on the style.

This hairstyle is looking good and unique because it is made like a spider web or spider hairdo. To get this look make spider web at the crown or top of the head with your sleek blonde hair and then make a low ponytail at the nape of your neck,

tie your pony with a ponytail or rubber band and then start making a braid by using the strands out of the pony. After you have finished your hairstyle, secure it with a strong hairspray.

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