Best Ideas for Crazy Hairstyles for Girls and Boys

| October 7, 2016

Crazy hairstyle is just-for-fun celebrations that school that works with kids love to throw to let them express their wild slide a bit. On crazy hair day, kids are encouraged to come in with a wackiest and most creative hair design.  Hairdressers bring out crazy creative designs fills with plurality of brilliant and nice colors that will be a big bonus to your overall style. Here are plenty of options for unusual crazy hairstyle ideas; you can choose any of these hairstyles for your kids for the day once in a while. Girls usually have rich desire for fashion more than boys.

This cupcake hairstyle is easy to make and anyone can make it easily. Make two little buns of hairs and use cupcake liners to create the cupcake pigtails and then pin a pom pom in each like cherry on the top. You can tint your hairs in pink or other color too. This cupcake hairstyle can be done with long length hairs and in this way your cupcake hairstyle will be big like big cakes.

The hairstyle is made in the shape of x-mas tree with the help of hair spray. Hairs are dye with green color and pull upward and then set with hairspray and decorated with Christmas bling and presents could very well be very expected when you are walking around the Christmas-tree hairstyle. The hair is grouped into three parts and is pulled it in several directions and you can use a solid structure to maintain the shape and hold the spikes and tie the ribbon of different colors at the end of strands and in the end tint the spikes in red or other color of your own choice.

The real chocolate is used in making this donut topper hairstyle and your kid with this hairstyle will definitely win the competition. Usually rainbow comes after heavy rain but we can see the rainbow in this little girl hairs that is made by a pony tail. Make a sided simple ponytail, twist it tightly and bend it to the other side forming an arch and color the stripes of hair in different colors present in a rainbow and wrap the cotton fluff and cotton balls around your ponies to create the effect of clouds.

For this unconventional high pony make a high pony on the top of your head and then pull in upward direction and tie it into different sections with simple rubber bands. You can create a coconut tree on the top of the head. To make this hairstyle make a high pony on the top of the head and then wrap a hard brown paper to make the stem and pull your hair out and tint with green color. The hair is neatly tied and decorated with hair pins in the shape of slippers looking so cute.

This loopy lizard look can be getting with short hair cut in Mohawk style. Creating a lizard from spikes is fun and easy to make. Spike the hairs from front to back and then spray it with green color the tip part of the hair serves as head of lizard and the remaining part is the body and shave the legs of the lizard on the sides. The hairs are well placed with hairspray and a possible free hand drawing, you can spook people with this lizard hairstyle.

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