Braid Hairstyles Ideas In The Wedding

| February 8, 2017

Wedding   is the special day for every one because at this day you are going to connect with each other forever the selection of bride is very difficult  for everyone because in the wedding the brides are the center of attention and n this day everybody wants to look something special

And   looking like princess  when you select the dress then turn is your shoes that should be beautiful and something elegant comfortable in walking  and give you good look when you carry it with your dress now its turn your hairstyle and make up which is very demanded now a days .

Hairstyles of the brides are  very much in the fashion that give them great look  so the hairstyle for the brides are in the braid, curly hair ,updo ,buns and many other hairstyle which are embellished  with stones ,beads ,flowers ,tiara, crown and the clips for making your hair formal and fancy so stay with us and see the different hairstyles ideas  that are in the braid style .

Braid with open hair:

In the night wedding you can make the braided hair that are looking so nice in this hairstyle you can make two in one hairstyle as just like  that make the braid on the upper of your hair  and then leave your hair open with the wavy curls  with your off shoulder dress and backless dress this hairstyle look so nice and attractive .embellish different color flowers n your hairstyle for making it fancy  the braid in your hair  in the thick  style that gives you a  nice look .

Messy bun braid:

The innocent and the cute look can be given to the bride with the messy bun with the rope style braid  the terraces are in the back and the front on the both sides that are giving you so cute look with the light color flowers  pink roses ,yellow roses with the white is looking so beautiful  you can carry the lace stuff dress  and your forehead is so  back from your face then  make this hairstyle in your front   braid use the beads and the stones it look very beautiful.

Multi knotted braid:

For the rustic wedding you can carry the multi braid hairstyle but the multi knotted braid at one side is looking nice it is new style make the twist from the front you can dye your hair in the brown and the golden color  on the braid end you have no need to use the pony rather you can use the hair fir bind your braid  for the young age bride this hairstyle is suited.

Wavy curl with braid:

In your hair you can make the braid  on the both sided In the twisted braid style  and leave your hair curly in the back fully thick hair in the wavy curl is  looking outstanding  in your long hair you can use the flower garland and the vines for the beauty of your hair and the crystal stones embellished  clip and the tiara is looking  gorgeous for the great look  make the Smokey eyes and the blush red lipstick.

Braid with top bun:

In the wedding the girls wish is that they look  so special and  like princess  then they can make the hairstyle  in the braid from the  front  start from the  front and end it at the back of your head with the  high bun and the sleek back from the front and use the flowers in your bun and beads on the braid for the decent look  for the vintage inspired  brides this  hairstyle is best with the illusion neckline dress.

Open hair with messy braid:

In your light golden hair make the messy braid first of all does your hair at the back of your hair with the multi sleek messy braid with the brooches and the stones on the side of your hair on the both sided spread your terraces  in your hair you can use the Swarovski tiara and the flowers vines for making your  messy braid elegant  for the   blushing look you can do the  brown and Smokey make up for the great look.

Floral hairstyle:

If your hair are beautiful in the wavy curly way then make the rose flower in the center of your hair with the help of braid make the flower and embellish the beads in your flowers  and from the front make the  braid with the  wavy curls on the end  for the gorgeous look you can use the beads and the stones  with the tiara and the crown .


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