Bridesmaid Hairstyle in The Bun Style Ideas

| December 21, 2016

Wedding season are in the air  and the people  and the people are so excited for the wedding ceremony because  on this day two  people are going to connect in a relationship  which is the for  everlasting in the wedding the bride is not alone because if the bride is alone in the wedding she  become confused and puzzle  so the  bridesmaid are standing with her because they  increase  the confidence level o f the bride  so the bridesmaid dresses  their jewelry and the shoes are  matching with the bride the friends and  the age fellows are selected  for the bridesmaid.

It is the believe of   some people that   bride is the fairy and the all the bridesmaid are the light of that bride .so here we are talking about the hairstyles that are very common now days   because in the  winter hairstyles are changed are changed not in winter in all seasons  it is n changing so the bun hairstyle in the different style are here you can make these hairstyle on your friend wedding as a bridesmaid.

High curly bun:

In the wedding you can make the high curly bun in the nice style if your hair us straight then do it curl and then make a good curly hairstyle .it is very easy bun but you have to do something effort to make it more better and fabulous it is something wide it is in the center of your head and you can use the crystal and rhinestone brooch on it if the bride is used.

High puffed bun:

The bridesmaid who have an oval face they can make the top bun on their head because it is on your head center and your all hair are on the back side so it is very nice bun and simple bun that is puffy because in the center of the bun the puff is used to make it bumpy and you can use the crystal stones pins for the sparkling look otherwise simple is elegant.

Boho hairstyle:

Now a day’s boho hairstyles are very common among the girls  because the trend of boho girls  is inn among the girls  so the boho hairstyle in the bun is  looking so nice so   you can make the  hairstyle in the  side parted rope style hair and the messy bun in the back  twister terraces  and the messy  curled bun  on the back in the up do style with it you can use the  fancy clip and the chiffon lace embellished band.

One sided bun:

The bridesmaid who have short hair and want to make the bun because on the wedding braid, bun and updo look good on the brides and other ladies of the wedding so you can make the side parted bun with the braided terrace at the one side on it you can make the overall braid in your hair with the low updo and in the hair use the colorful flowers in your hair because you can use the matching flowers.

Rustic wedding hair style:

Rustic wedding are good for the girls who like to do wedding in the nature and in the rustic wedding all the things are used in the light color make the twisted bun at the one side of the head and on chignon bun with the white color flowers you can use the copper pins and the headband with your net stuff dress in the hair you can use the artificial and the fresh both flowers can used but it is up to you.

Messy bun updo:

in this modern age different hairstyles are made by the bridesmaid so the bridesmaid can easily make the bun hairstyle in messy side parted messy bun updo the bangs are on the ear it is very easy to make on it you can use the colorful clips and the crown but the velvet flowers in the different bold colors look so stunning and eye grabbing.

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