How I can Style My Curly Hair with Easy Steps at Home?

| March 7, 2016

Fantastic Step by Step Hairstyling Ideas for Curly Hair Women:

We are very well aware from the fact that the people who are living around us usually have different heights, different skin tones, different habits, various likes & dislikes. So, in short words, each person is different from the other. Similarly, hair type of every person is also different. Some have straight silky hairs, some have curly hairs, some have long, some have short, some have thick hairs or some have thin. What type of hair you have? Well, I have silky long hairs. But here I am not going to tell about you can style your long silky hairs. But today my focus is towards those women who have naturally curly hairs. Yes, it is not a blog that only focus towards some special people but here I usually try to cover all types’ topics for every type of person. So, if you have naturally curly hairs then don’t move from here because here I am going to share the step by step curly hairstyle ideas. I include only very easy but chic & stylish hairstyles. I am sure that after watching the step by step tutorials you will like to try every hairstyle at least for one time. So, without consuming more time let’s move towards step by step curly hairstyling guide!

Twisted Hairstyle Idea for Curly Hair:

1 curly hair twisted hairstyle

The first one is twisted hairstyle. For making this hairstyle you need to follow the steps which are shown above into the picture & for your ease these steps are also illustrated below.

•    Divide you hairs into three parts from back left, center, and right.
•    Hold the center part & make loose ponytail near nape area.
•    Now starts twisting the left side hairs from forehead to the back of neck & then tuck into the pony.
•    Now starts to twist the right side hairs from the forehead to the back of neck & tuck into the pony. You can also use bobby pins for securing twists.
•    Now wrap your all ponytail hairs towards up side into the form of a bun.
•    Secure the bun with bobby pins. You are ready to go.

If you want to attend a party or evening function then it is very easy hairstyle idea for you.

Fabulous Updo Hairstyle for Curly Hair Women:


2 curly hairs updo idea

The second method is to make updo hairstyle. This bun is just perfect for spring summer season when you want to keep all curly hairs strands tucked fully into bun. The step by step pictorial guideline is shown above into the picture as well as illustrated below into the points.

•    Start sectioning your hair from the crown area.
•    Hold some hairs into your hand. Twists your hairs.
•    Make a bun & secure it with bobby pins.
•    Now capture some more hairs from the below section. Make another bun & secure with bobby pink.
•    Similarly carry on & ends by making last bun near the nape area & secure it with bobby pins.

Similarly into the following pictures you can view some more curly hairstyles with step by step tutorials. Take a look & learn now then get ready top rock in a party by making such easy & flattering hairstyles!

Curly Waterfall Braid Hairstyle Idea:

3 halp up half down curly hairs  idea

Curly Half up Half down Hairstyle Idea:

3 waterfall style curly hairs  idea

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