Chic and Cool Undercut Nape Shaved Hairstyles for Young Girls

| May 10, 2016

Well the trendiest haircut these days are undercut shave hairstyles which is also taken as the extremer haircuts due to inspired by the punk style. In short time this haircut trend has attained much appreciation by not only young boys but the girls too. Well one reason behind having nape shave is the thick hairs that are tough to handle mostly in summer days that is why going with this undercut was to let off the problematic tresses but this is not at all you are going with this hairstyle. You will see side and even front shaved haircuts that are becoming famous among girls and boys; this undercut gives you the rock star like appearance which is always inspiring for young fashionistas.
Well this is amazing to get the strands shaved at nape and show it all putting rest of the hairs into bun, you may style all your strands opening up with having natural waves whenever you have to be appeared in formal events or parties it means the dual functions with one haircut.
I have collected different images through which you will get ideas which kind of designs are very trendy these day and how you can put your hairs into some other fun hairstyles, for example ponytail and braid will also create charm giving the terrific shaved nape impressions.
Let’s try this funky and chic undercut to be classy and highly fashionable, enter into the fashion walk and glam out the hairs with attaining this modern haircut fantastically.

Nape shaved undercut with ponytail:

1. Cool Undercut Nape Shaved design for girls

The first idea going with nape shaved cut is making the high pony tail and show off your simply shaved nape having no designs. To be true like fashionista pierce your ears and get the cool style ear studs so that the chic look could appear perfectly.

Diagonal stripes nape shaped design:

2. Cool Undercut Nape Shaved design for girls (1)

Diagonal line or stripes undercut design is looking miraculous and secondly in casual days you can wrap up all strands into top bun while for other events give the rest of tresses amazing styles. Get the layers of lowlights of burgundy over brunette hairs to rock the fun fantastically.

Nape shave haircut with high top bun:

3. Cool Undercut Nape Shaved design for girls (4)

High top bun for street style is chic but when you transform the hairstyle with nape undercut, it looks just a wow thing. You may make the braided up bun like seen in the image. You can make this hairstyle in the last minutes while visiting with friends or going somewhere in emergency.

Leopard cool shaved undercut:

4. Cool Undercut Nape Shaved design for girls (12)

Well the leopard design nape shaved undercut is giving terrific impressions by making high top bun, for spring summer days this would be great idea to refill the style in your hairs. Renew the design after some time going to saloon.

Zig zag shaved undercut with choppy bob:

5. Cool Undercut Nape Shaved design for girls (13)

That’s just a wow hairstyle to have chops of bob hairstyle with shaving at nape giving zig zag design. Choppy bobs are popular these days and if you give layers then it will look gorgeous at all.

Nape shaved cut with bow design:

6. Cool Undercut Nape Shaved design for girls (14)

the cool and cute looking nape shaved undercut miraculously giving the fantastic impressions. Just lift up the strands and go well with your hairstyle rocking the undercut.


This undercut shaved hairstyle is trendy but keep up the balance when attaining this haircut, most of girls show their extreme through having the undercut styles. Keep yourself trendy and fashionable just getting the exquisite shaved hues.



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