Chinese Style Hair Sticks Fashion for Girls

| May 9, 2016

Ideas to use hair stick for ladies

0. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls

Hair stick is a device that is  used for the stylish hair and we can  cover our hair with this sticks these sticks are  long maximum nine to 15 inches  and it is in shape of pointed sleek  sticks .There are many styles and varieties  in this sticks   you can purchase it in the gold ,diamond  stones  Rhine stone and  very common wooden  made sticks it is up to your financial  condition . hair sticks were used for many years ago and it   enhance the beauty of your hair in the Japanese culture there is much use of hair stick  in an ancient age  ancient Egyptian, roman and Greeks were used these sticks .but in this modern age the trend of these sticks is increasing  day by day and people use these sticks for decorating their hair  because there are so   many hairstyles which are introduced by the hairstylist included bun ,knot and braid  in such styles these chop sticks can be used . Many trendy ladies want to cut their hair in Chinese style and they want to adopt the Chinese hairstyle and the Chinese girls mostly use the chop hair stick for embellishing their hair so for the great and exclusive hair sticks are here.

Different style of using hair sticks:

0+ Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls

Bubble bun with the sky blue chop stick s looking nice you can make this style with your party wear and pink color dress is good for this sticks and if you wear red color dress then black hair sticks are good choice.  Many traditional girls like to make bottom braided up do on their wedding because it look so elegant at the place of plastic and wooden hair sticks you can go with the fancy and embellish hair stick because  it give you  a fashinary  and  decorative look. The girls who want to copy the Chinese girls they can go with the bun over the head because some girls have sleek hair  and they can’t adjust the sticks in their bottom hair so  plastic colorful  sticks with your silk  colorful dress is nice and you can  use flowers to enhance the beauty of your hair. For the young girls who have long hair  they can make braid and  half up and  down hairstyle with the metal hair stick  because it  is very simple and with your black dress it will be perfect choice and in the party wear black gown and make this hairstyle and use  these sticks everyone will praise you. In your twisted bubble bun you can use fancy peacock wing style metal hair stick is looking gorgeous and for your wedding outlook it is nice.  The girls who have dye their hair they can make twisted up do with fancy chop hair stick and it is good for the casual look   you can put on top with the pent and make this hairstyle. Braided bottom bun with the simple sticks are fabulous for the winter season if you have to wear coat then make this hairstyle the animal inspired    sticks can be used in this bun .for your messy and   flat bun you can use wooden simple sticks because this hairstyle is good for night and you can easily sleep with this hairstyle and stick.  Ponytail is good for the young girls make high pony tail in your black hair and metal   hair stick to make it fancy and cool. Messy top bun and French braided with the wooden chop sticks are really liked by the Chinese and many Chinese make this hairstyle on their wedding and street style fashion Chinese girls   use to make this hairstyle and use these sticks .Japanese have their specific bun which they make with formal semi formal dresses so with your Japanese   bun use the hair stick which will bind your hair.
1. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls 2. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls 3. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls 4. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls 5. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls (1) 6. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls (2) 7. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls (3) 8. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls (4) 9. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls (5)  11. Chinese style Hair sticks fashion for girls (7)


always go with these fashions which are in   so use hair sticks it is not too much expensive but on the wedding you can go decorative and jewel base hair stick because it gives you a stylish and formal look and Chinese hairstyle is good and not too much tough. I think you have get many idea t use the hair sticks in your simple hair.

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