Common Sense Based Top 5 Tips for Long & Healthy Hairs

| October 26, 2015

How to Grow Long & Healthy Hairs?

On this planet, each woman is blessed with different facial features, different skin textures, different body shapes & of course different hair texture. Some ladies have long hairs, some have short, some have thick while some owns thin. Similarly some have shinny hair while some have frizzy & rough. But I think every women dreams long, healthy, shinny & thick hairs. Is it true? Yes of course it is. If your dream is same then dear it’s the right time to fulfill your dream. Today I am not going to talk about different homemade masks that you can apply on hairs but today I would like to share some tips for getting healthy hairs which all are based on common sense. If you think a little then you will come to know that these hair care tips can bring lots of positive changes in your hair health & growth. Let’s take a look towards top 5 tips!

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1)    First of all don’t use heating machines excessively on your hairs. It is an obvious fact that heat always destroys things then how it is possible that the heat that helps you to straighten your hair or to add curls in hair can never damaged hairs? Of course it wills damage hairs. Don’t use these machines on regular basis only use when required but don’t use these machines directly on hair first apply hair serum or hair toner because it create a protective layer around hairs & then use these machines.
2)    Secondly, you should avoid Stress because the stress is directly connected to our mind & head. We know that hairs grow on our head so when it will disturb from inside then ultimately your hairs will also affect badly. So, try to solve problem. Keep yourself stress free, don’t smoke, and & control your bad eating habits. Eat balance diet; stay healthy from inside & believe me your outer will ultimately looks healthy.
3)    Try to comb your hairs by using a wide tooth comb because it will help to detangle hairs easily as compared from tight tooth comb. Don’t comb in wet hair soon after taking bath. Always starts to brush/comb hairs from bottom to up.

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4)    Try to avoid tight hairstyles. Because this compulsive pulling damaged your hairs.
5)    Washing of hair is required almost two or three day in a week with proper gaps. Don’t wash daily because it makes your hair rough. Try to give oil to your hair scalps by oil massage almost before 1 hour of taking bath. Try to wash hair with Cold Water because it is good for Hair as compared from warm water. Try to Condition your hair after every wash.

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Hopefully these tips will work better & by acting upon these tips you can get healthy & long hairs.


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