Complete Guidance for Girls on how they can plop Their Hairs

| November 12, 2015

How I Can Plop My Hair at Home?

0 How to Plop Your Hair

1)    First of all you need to wash your hairs with a good regular shampoo.
2)    Now after washing hair, condition your hair with a good quality conditioner.
3)    Now try to blot the extra water from hair by using towel.
4)    Damp your hair. Damping hair means your hairs are not totally wet but slightly wet.
5)    You can apply hair mousse on hair if you want to add some volume on your hairs.
6)    Now take a comb & detangle your hairs. It is preferable for you to use wide tooth comb.
7)    Now you need cotton t-shirt or a rectangle piece of cotton stuff cloth. You can also use micro fiber towel for it.
8)    Lay out the T-shirt or piece of cloth on a flat surface without wrinkles.
9)    Now gently put your all hairs on this shirt/clothe & wrap your hairs in it.

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10)    There are different wrapping styles.

How to Plop Your Hair (4) How to Plop Your Hair (5) How to Plop Your Hair (6)

11)    You can make back updo I mean wrap near nape, left & right Updo, front updo etc.
12)    When your hairs dry in the morning or after 4 to 5 hours then un-wrap your hairs & see the magical curtly. I am sure you will like these romantic curls.
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Some other step by step pictorial tutorials are given below. Take a look & try at home!
How to Plop Your Hair (8) How to Plop Your Hair (9)

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