Cool Braid for Special Occasion for a Little Girl

| June 3, 2016

Ideas to make hair in braid style for little girls

0. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

The  little girls  are not behind  anyone they are just like the young girls they copy their mothers and elder sister  in the earliest age they  start to take  interest in the  mother’s   things like their dresses ,their cosmetics and the other accessories which are related to the fashion  there are many hairstyles which are in now a days and the little girls want to adopt these hairstyle because they want to look  different  from the other little girls and  in the little age they become conscious   for their style and they want to become prominent and  special     in all their group of friends  so many  hairstyles are inn  now a days for the little girl like braid, bun, fishtail  and the frisky bun hairstyles very common in the few years  before the little girls keep the short hair like bob cut chin length   but now a days the trend of long hair is increasing in the people  if your daughter has long curly or straight  hair then let them to grow well because if you  do it long  then you have  so much ideas to make different style on the different events  but here the braided style  is   good for the little girls because it give them innocent look and  they look so traditional  and stylish on the functions.  So I want to share some braided hairstyles for your little girl that you must see it if you want to make hairstyle of your daughter.

Different hairstyles for little girls:

0+ Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

1.    In the school party with the white net frock you can make the braided half up and half down hairstyle with the flower piece on the head it is looking so nice in your golden wavy curly hair and with this flower you can add the golden pins to show more stylish look to your daughter.

1. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

2.    Braided band hairstyle  with the little ponies   in your triple shade hair if your daughter has  bob cut hair then grow  it till the shoulder  then  this hairstyle is good for the daily routine in the summer season it saves you from the scorching hotness.

2. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

3.    Christmas tree braided hairstyle is looking fabulous if you want to go such style then add different color   braids and the pins to embellish your hair this braid looks like a Christmas tree and you can make it on the Christmas   and on the other occasion

3. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

4.    Double flower braided hairstyle for your long hair and the double layer braid is giving you a princess like look and you can add your favorite color flower in your hairstyle for the attractive   look with it you can carry   short maxi and the shirt.

4. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

5.     Triple braided  with the side pony tail is very beautiful and it can be made on the  wedding ceremonies  and with it  you can carry  the sleeveless frock and the pumps in the summer it look best with the matching hair ribbon  clips and the clutches.

5. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

6.    Braided  crown hairstyle is very easy because if you have silky hair then make this hairstyle it give you a  nymph of a jungle in a little  girl and with it you can  add your favorite flower and the   clips to the stylish look  and  such type of hairs are made by the  boho inspired girls.

6. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

7.    French  braid in zig zag style is looking so cool and give your hair  a sparkling look  in the braid you can add the motifs and the   beads for the more beauty   glitter of different  color is also best for the   French braid and in this style  you can go in any get together party or any formal  function.
7. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

8.    Heart style twisted one sided braid  with side parted is giving you a perfect stylish look  on  the  parties and the dinner  party you can make such type of hairstyle and  if you add Rhine stone  beads  then your intricate and beautiful hairstyle look more  enchanting.

8. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

9.    Corset braided hairstyle embellish with the ribbons and these ribbons can be selected   according to your  dresses because it look so awesome  when you matched it with your dress and it  can be made for the school going  little girls.

9. Cool braid for special occasion for a little girl

Final note:

for the little girls select  these hairstyles which goes best with their face shapes because some people  make the little girls look  like the senior ladies and their face’s innocent  is completely vanished  due to their hairstyle  so these hairstyle are good you can easily adopt these hairstyle for your casual and formal both  time for your daughter.

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