Creative High Ponytail Hairstyles that you Never Tried Before

| March 21, 2016

It is obvious to all the girls that ponytails are cool because it’s easy, practical and even cute to style whenever you have to transform your hairstyle. I am a girl with shoulder length hairs but I always have high ponytail because it suits almost every woman, so taken the unique ponytail hairstyles I am here to give you some ideas with different styles ever. For the terrific ponytail inspiration, the celebs are enough to stare having fetching ponytails on shows, red carpets and grooming their street style look.
Well for ponytails you cannot say that it’s a new trend in fact this hairstyle is very old but now with different dimensions that hairstylist have varied in this hairstyle has been introduced for fashion girls so that they may have totally change look every day. Now with mixing different styles, the high ponytails look incredible even to have on formal functions because many of us think that it’s totally a casual hairstyle.
High ponytail styles are easy to do even on the last minutes when you are getting late for your work. Messy ponytail is one of them that is quick to do and flatter your face with the dazzling look and having the ponytails you don’t need to get worry about dress styling as it is fit with jeans, tops, formal dresses, fall outfits, skirts and whatever the pairs you want to style. On the other hand the trend of high ponytails is ever green, I mean rocking for every season of a year. Just put up your strands and catch the whole hairs in pony to look like a rock star. If you are thinking what’s new in my ponytail hairstyles then keep on reading the article to find the inspiration.

High crown ponytail with straight hair:

1. High fashion ponytail styles  you never seen

This ponytail is fit for the healthy hair that can have with crown hairstyle and incredible for the holidays. Whenever you have to get charm, go with this crown high ponytail that is fantastic even for a fairy tale party in which you have to look cute like a princess.

High ponytail with spiral curl:

2. High fashion ponytail styles  you never seen

Well high ponytails with waves look ravishing but this ponytail with the spiral curls is conspicuous to be a retro girl in your night out parties with the lips and eye focused makeover. This ponytail is also perfect for oval face shape girls.

Two in one ponytail style:

3. High fashion ponytail styles  you never seen

Section the hairs in two parts, first catch all the hair at the top part in pony and then take the upper and lower both hair sections in one ponytail that will make the hairstyle tremendous. This is unique and even creative to look fantabulous.

Side braided high pony tail:

4. High fashion ponytail styles  you never seen

Take the fish tail like braid on one side of the head and lift up all the hairs to transform into high ponytail style with messy effects. For teen age girls this hairstyle is wondrous when you have to attend the informal get together on your friend home.

Sleek high ponytail:

5. High fashion ponytail styles  you never seen

This top ponytail style is just more than wow with sleek hairs; you can also make this celebrity like hairstyle when you have to maintain a sophisticate persona for going office. But to be unique in a party, this hairstyle will make you stand out in a crowd.

Sectioned fish tail ponytail:

6. High fashion ponytail styles  you never seen

Make the fish tail and divide the sections according to the length of your hairs then knot it at the top to give the ponytail hair look.

Loop high ponytail:

7. High fashion ponytail styles  you never seen

Model like look of loop high ponytail is looking gorgeous and different from all the common ponytails. You may style it to any office parties or the simple meetings with any of your friend but don’t forget to wear the studs or fashion earrings in ear.

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