Creative and unique Emo Hair Color Ideas for Girls

| September 26, 2016

Emo is based on the melodically-aggressive music and complicated hard core music of mid 80s Washington DC.  Emo is not only a classification or type of music and it is also know about the emotional state of mind. It is also taken over the way one expresses himself by dressing it includes the tighter fitting pants and dyed hair with it covering your face.

The longer hair in front with the spikes in back is also a more emo style. In this article we will talk about the hair colors to get emo style.
If you are in full saturated colors and don’t want to try the pastel trend just go with the rainbow colors. Vibrant hues have gotten a lot more interesting lately. These colors are as bright as in a real rainbow.

One cool way to go emo is to try the grown out root trend with a punky color a dark purple color is a gorgeous alternative to blonde that makes your new ombre style a whole lot edgier and if you will pair this with li9ght lipstick you will look amazing.

To hold the title of cute emo style you can dye your hair in this style that goes from purple on the roots and black on the tips or ends. You can choose almost any color to achieve this look with your shoulder length or long length hairs. If you want to go emo your hair color should be unique and lots of people dye their hair in crazy colors so you have to try some unexpected or unusual shades to really stand out as these colors green and red are not only different but also stunning and you can mix two or three to get your own perfect color.

Emo bangs tend to be thick and full, they can also be cute and piecey like these ones. It all depends on the cut; a shorter fringe works great for bob length shaggy hair.  For a different take on smoky hair, try adding in other different shades and you don’t need to use heat to create these loose waves. Simply tie your hair into a bun before going to bed and you will wake up with gorgeous wavy locks. This hair color is pure magic and if you will pair this with smoky eyes you will look more gorgeous.

Golden is another great color for emo haircuts and hairstyles. To create this adorable look you need choppy layers and thick side bangs. Make a side pony and to keep it looking perfect you can mess up your hair a bit and you also can use a texturizing product.
By following the above ideas you can get emo look easily to look gorgeous and unique.












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