Different And Amazing Hairstyles With Sides Shave

| August 15, 2017

With the advancement of the time now women are bold enough to make different hairstyles that can give them versatile and fashionable look. Shaved hairstyles are going trendy in fashion and women are following the trend with full enthusiasm.

They want to have their own style-statement look and to flatter your own individual look you can opt for shaved hairstyle that will he portion of your head exposed. Sides shaved hairstyle are going hype in western countries and women there for looking chic and attractive make different hairstyle with side shaved hairs.

No matter if your hairs are short or long you can shave the sides of your head. Here we have collected different hairstyle with side shaves and these will help you look stunning and sizzling. If you want to make side shave hairs then look at the different ideas of hairstyle that you can opt with side shaves of head:

French tail hairstyle with sides shave head:

Sides of head are shaved and that is visible from the French tail hairstyle. Young girls love to make French tail hairstyle and it is looking awesome with sides shave. You will look very lovely and pleasant with this hairstyle and this hairstyle will be best to arrange your hairs in sophisticated way. In summer for most of the time you can make this hairstyle.

Two braids with side shaves:

With side shaves these double braids will give you outstanding and outclass look. You will look very stylish and classy in this hairstyle and anywhere you go you will flatter your own individual look. If you have long hairs then you can well-settle your hairs with making this hairstyle and also this hairstyle will give you chic and fashionable look.

Straight hairs with sides shave:

You can give your hairs straight look with the sides shave and this hairstyle will give you enormously amazing and fantastic look. Women who are bold and brave and want to make their demeanor dominating will make this different and unique hairstyle.

A small size catcher can be used to make the hairstyle shown in the picture. Women who want to look decent but also desire to follow this trend they can opt for this hairstyle.

Sides shave hairstyle for colored hairs:

With making the sides shave if you also color your hairs then definitely the attractive look of the hairstyle will increase. Making messy braid of the hairs above the head you can give wavy look to the remaining hairs. This hairstyle is best for funky and confident girl. If you are going to perform in your college for singing or dancing then have rock star look with this hairstyle.


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