Different Hairstyle With the Makeup in Vintage Style

| July 20, 2016

0. Vintage wedding hairstyle and makeup

Vintage era is such  an era when  all the things were used in light and dark both form and the touch of reality and glamorous is combined in the vintage style  and the brides look innocent and attractive when   we talk about the vintage style then the   brides are very inspired  from the vintage style  this style is remain  fresh forever  and never gets old because   this is liked by everyone  in  every year  with some changes vintage fashion is done  but still it is new  you can see many choices in the vintage   style there are many styles in the vintage hairstyle   top knot ,messy bun, chignon bun, style waves ,braided and much more  styles of hair   in the  vintage fashion  and the makeup which is liked by the  vintage brides are  very nice and attractive  soft and palette  Smokey eyes , nude eyeshades with the bold lipstick  all the things are included in the vintage fashion so if you want to go with the  vintage style then you can select any one get up  then you can find the makeup and hairstyles both.

Side parted hairstyle with the palette eyes:

1. Vintage wedding hairstyle and makeup

The brides who are inspired by the fashion of vintage age they can make the  one sided twisted  short bun with the fancy head band  it is looking enchanting if your hairstyle is simple  then you can add the beauty and fanciness with the  brooches, pins and clips   for the innocent look you can  apply the   base then  use the  blush on with the  black color   eyeshades and the  blend of  palette  with the nude lipstick  is very good choice.

Lose bun with make up:

2. Vintage wedding hairstyle and makeup

Side parted lose bun with the wavy locks is looking nice you can make this hairstyle at your own wedding with the brown shadowy   eyeshades with the combination of pink and purple shaded lipstick it is good if you want to create an innocent look then blush on in a dark way on your cheeks because when your cheek bones is merged you looked more glamorous and beautiful.

Real vintage touch:

3. Vintage wedding hairstyle and makeup

Crown and the floral headbands  are the identity of the  vintage brides  when they make simple hairstyle  they should use the floral crown to enhance their  bride beauty  in the vintage style mostly girls like to go with the bohemian style  then this style of bride is best  beautiful  messy  style hair with the spring colorful crown embellishing with the light eyes make up and the bold  pink shiny lipstick is nice choice for the vintage  bride.

Twisted bun with the make up:

4. Vintage wedding hairstyle and makeup

Some brides are very decent they like to  go simple in their wedding  so make the side parted  twisted knot with  the dark brown color  eyeshades and the peach blush on with the light   beige color and brown color  lipstick  is good for the  decent brides  you can go with the  top bun and use the veil for a traditional bride.  Your look is very simple so you can carry the crystal   and rhinestone made earrings.

Bohemian vintage style:

5. Vintage wedding hairstyle and makeup

Bohemian girls like to  do what they like  because they  themselves introduced  their fashion  one sided  messy braid  with the front  fringe  on the forehead   hairstyle is looking enchanting  this boho inspired hairstyle  is awesome  with the tiara and the  headbands  if you like to go with this style then make  a braid and crystal stone headband and the  pins are best to  decorate your hair for the wedding. Copper   color eyeshades with the brown blush on and the  bold red lipstick is good with the messy eyes you can  go with the nude lipstick.

Vintage Korean brides:

6. Vintage wedding hairstyle and makeup

The brides who live n the Korea they also  adopt the Korean fashion normally they have short hair on their neck length short hair they  can use the crown to look like goddesses   in their curly wavy hair  they can use the  tiara and the   side brooch  to show the elegancy and the   Korean girls have short eyes they  should use light color on their eyes  so you can select the nude  color eyeshade  in your eyes with the bold red lipstick  and mostly the princess crown is used in the weddings.

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