Different Hairstyles With Braids To Make In Summer

| May 30, 2017

In summer girls feel hot because of their hairs. Their high voluminous hairs do not let the air come near the scalps that make them feel hot and they get perspired. If you have long hairs you can make different stylish braids with other style like updo, ponytail etc.

With making braids air can easily reach to the scalps and you will feel very much relaxed and comfy in het summer. Not in home but for the time of going outside here we have shown some hairstyles that will give stylish and classy look;

Two to three braids on front with high updo:

You can make small braids on the front side of the head and then taking a large portion of hairs make high updo and leave the remaining tresses. With boho style outfits you can make this hairstyle as the hairstyle will exude boho-chic vibes. In summer you will look very cool and stylish with this hairstyle.

Front side braid with open hairs:

Girls really look very cute and adorable with making front side braid. Making twice side braids you can give a different look to the hairstyle. After pulling up some hairs you can make double braids and leave the rest of the hairs open. On semi-party function in summer you can make this hairstyle to look classy and edgy.

Side small braids with open hairs:

This is the hairstyle to have chic and fashionable look. With mid parted hairstyle make small side braids of small sizes and then leave the rest of the hairs at other side. This hairstyle will give your personality awesome look. Also to have funky look girls can consider this hairstyle to look confident and full of style.

Make braids of hairs with pony tail:

You can make small size braids of all hairs with equal distance between them. Then instead of leaving hairs open you can make ponytail hairstyle. For casual occasions this hairstyle will help you to have stunning and striking look. High ponytail with braided hairstyle will look amazing and this will give a girl modish and classy look.

Braids at one side of the head:

This hairstyle is worth to do on formal occasion even when you need to have glamorous look. Leaving tresses at one side make braids on the other side to look edgy. With wavy hairs these braids will give you eye-catching and attention-grabbing look.


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