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| March 11, 2017

Emma Watson is the British heroine, actresses and model she is very talented and the cute lady of the Hollywood she is known as a player of Hermione granger in the harry potter movie .she became the UN woman goodwill ambassador in July 2014.

The   dressing makes you impressive and attractive in the eyes of other because if you are not sop beautiful but your dressing is good then it must attract the others she is very interested in the fashion she says that she thinks fashion is like an art which she studied in the school the fashion trend is becoming change day by day so the girls like to carry with something different and unique so the hairstyle is best thing to change your look.

Because if you make the hairstyle in the different way  you look change at every time so here I have some good hairstyles which can give  you idea to make hairstyle at home  according to the hairstyle of the Emma who looks gorgeous in every hairstyle.

Choppy bob cut hair:

Emma is looking so nice in every style and she has adopt every style so here she is in the Emo  style hair that is in the choppy  way  side  parted hair  bob cut and the choppy ends of the hair is looking nice you can make it if you  have short hair and dye it according to your choice  if your forehead is short then  cut your hair in this style.

Wavy side parted hair:

In the different roles Emma  is looking so cute and innocent  so if you want to look cute and sweet then make the side parted shoulder hair  the front is very straight and simple  and the ends of the hair is in the  curling way you can use the sparkling pins and the clips for making your style  semi formal and the fancy .

Emma is in Messy bun:

Emma is looking  beautiful in the  messy bun  side parted and the sleek braid is on the upper and on the back messy bun is made it is looking so attractive  messy bun in the upper of the head is looking gorgeous if you want to make this hairstyle in the function or any event then use the glitter And the beads for the  charming look  if you are going in the friend birthday party then use the pins on your style.

Low bun in sleek hair:

The girl who are fans of the Emma Watson hairstyle they want to make different hairstyle like her so on the evening and night parties make the elegant styles   side parted sleek hair that is made with the wet gel and the  low bun  on the back of the head is looking glamorous  the celebrity make such styles with the fancy and backless dresses and when they are  modeling on the ramp.

Emma in boho style:

All styles are looking attractive and gorgeous so the boho style is very trendy now a day’s among the girls because boho want to do according to their wish so make the center parted hair in the wavy messy style Ombre shade that is in three colors it is best for the summer season because it is in light color and short length.

Choppy bob hairstyle:

On the oval and long faces the bob cut look so attractive  because it is in the short length it show your look very decent and bob cut is mostly used by those girls who like to become the sports girls and like to play the games just like boys honey golden shaded  hair side parted bob cut the choppy edges you can use the pins and the head band for making the different hairstyles in the bob cut.

Braided hair top bun:

Emma is looking beautiful in this style side parted full wet hair with gel and the braided on the top un is looking fascinating on it the red color ribbon is used because without the dory the hairstyle is looking simple at the place of dory you can use the ribbons and the headband in any color some like to use embroidered and some like to go with the fabric hair accessories now it is up to your choice.


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