Different Hairstyles for Vintage Girls

| August 16, 2016

Hairstyle is compulsory thing for a person because it can change your overall look whether it is your hairstyle and your haircut in the both cases your look become change so you should make your hairstyle in different ways and first take opinion to your hair dresser that which style is good for my face shape and today is inn because if you go opposite to your face shape and the new style you look odd and strange.

There are so many styles which are trendy now a days and adopted by the girls but the  hairstyle which is in the vintage style that is not old because vintage style is very elegant and attractive for the present girls therefore vintage style remain fresh forever.  The vintage style is made by the girls in the short and long both styles but for it you should do some effort because it is not too much easy but when we make it we look gorgeous.  So stay with us and see the different styles in vintage hairstyles that will absolutely attract you and you will wish to go with these styles.

Vintage short hair:

1. Vintage hairstyle for girls

The girls who have short hair   and worried about their hairstyles that it should be in the vintage then you can go with the wavy curly chin length side parted bob hairstyle it is good for the vintage look you can cut this hairstyle for the office going any party and the casual look in the summer this hairstyle is nice selection because it is short and never give you feelings of hotness.

Front twisted:

2. Vintage hairstyle for girls

The girls who like to go in the parties and want a formal vintage look then you can go with the front twisted open and long hairstyle that is looking so charming you can make it for the party and if a function at your home then this hairstyle is nice to make .twister hairstyle is common now a days it is very easy to make you can try this hairstyle at home because this is easy and no need to make it so clean because it is in messy style and messy style is something mixed.

Half up and half down:

3. Vintage hairstyle for girls

Vintage style contains not few hairstyles rather so much hairstyles are in the vintage style you can go with the half up and half down hairstyles if your hair are too short then you can make the half up and half down   and long can also be make this style for the beautifying you can use the fancy brooches and the pins on the both sided make the updo style and on the front sleek style puff is giving you fabulous vintage look.

Hair bow style:

4. Vintage hairstyle for girls

Now a days hair bow and tie knot style hair is very inn because it is made on the buns and the up do so you can make the vintage style which is like to the bow style basically it is also half up and half down style but on the center of your head make the knot with your hair and leave your hair curly and wavy and on the bow you can use the rhinestone made clip and the brooch that will give you a perfect formal look.

Side bun:

5. Vintage hairstyle for girls

The brides who are inspired by the vintage fashion they like to carry with the vintage style so if you want to make the vintage style then make the side parted messy low bun with the locks is giving you an innocent look if you are going to become a bride then select this hairstyle which will give you a formal look and on the bun you can use the crystal and rhinestone made clips and brooches for a decent look.

For the modern girl:

6. Vintage hairstyle for girls

The girls who are very modern and like the chic look for their favorite style vintage then you can select the hairstyle which is not too much long and the short it is in normal length you can make the hairstyle because it is not too tough at the home make the pony tail and the bun or up do but for the formal look you can make the finger wave   side parted layered hairstyle for the decent look.

Hair band braided:

7. Vintage hairstyle for girls

Vintage hairstyle gives you a traditional look when you make this hairstyle you look gorgeous for the bridesmaid look and the party look you can go with the hair band braided with the messy wavy curly side hair you can decorate it with the flowers and the other hair accessories because for the boho girls it is nice style you can use the brown and white color in your hairstyle for the rustic inspired wedding ceremony.

Vintage hairstyle for girls (1) Vintage hairstyle for girls (2) Vintage hairstyle for girls

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