Different Homemade ways to Take Care of Hair:

| October 16, 2015

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This is a big problem girls have that the hair problem. Hair fall, hair damage, damage scalp, dandruff, low hair growth, dull, frizzy and dry hair problems are very common now a day. In these problem two or at least three problems are must found in every girl. For remit these problems, here we have some homemade tips for you. Let’s have a look to these homemade tips as:

1.    Take properly Diet for hair

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For consistently growth of hair one should take the proper and healthy diet to eat. It will help to grow hair, long hair, shinny hair and remove the dandruff from hair.

2.    Using eggs as best conditioner:

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Egg yolk is full of proteins and fats and it’s a best feed for hair. Egg is considering the best natural hair conditioner for hair. It gives the nourishment to hair and do the shinny, soft, silk and dandruff free hair. Dryness of hair is removing with use of eggs and also helps to remits the frizzy pattern of hair.

3.    Lemon juice and olive oil for itchy scalp:

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Honey with olive oil hair mask is the best combination for hair treatment. It will help to nourish hair and recover the damage air into the fine hair. The two face hair roots are recovered with use of honey and olive oil.

5.    Avocado mask for Frizzy hair:

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Avocado hair mask is having the vitamins which are best for hair. Avocado hair mask gives the extra minerals to the hair and the frizzy dry hair turned to the fine and soft sleek hair.

6.    Using yogurt for Dandruff:

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Yogurt is the best way to having the fats and vitamins. Yogurt mask for hair is the very cheap and best way to find the ideal hair without dandruff.

7.    Using Aloe Vera mask for Hair falL

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Here it is a big problem of hair fall. Aloe Vera is the best hair recovery mask and after applying this mask you find the less quantity of hair fall. With consistently use of Aloe Vera mask also finished the hair falling permanently.

8.    Using Mayonnaise as a conditioner:

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It’s a new tip for hair is that to using the mayonnaise to hair as a conditioner extract. Mayonnaise massage to hair gives the nourishment to hair it will protect from dandruff and make the soft sleek and smooth hair. It is also considered the best conditioner for hair.

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