Different Ideas for Making Low Rolled Updo for Girls

| October 25, 2016

Low rolled updo hairstyle looks very nice whatever the season may be. Although this seems to be appropriate for summer when you want your hair closed. But girls are found obsessed with this fashion so much that they love to make this hairstyle even in winter and other season for the sake of versatility. This hairstyle can go with different kinds of outfits.

If it is made beautifully and neatly then in marriage functions it will look very chic and modish. Letting your tresses throw down with different cuttings may give you a very classy look but this type of hairstyle is also doable. This can suit every one and can change your entire look.
It is not very time consuming if once you know the art how to make it and it is also not difficult. You need to follow some steps only;

•    First of all, make a ponytail that should go between the shoulders
•    Secondly, with the help of your fingers divide the ponytail into two halves.
•    Through this halves pass the ponytail turning it from front side to the back side.
•    Repeat this action again and again unless there remain a small portion of hairs to wrap. This step of rolling your hair is important as it should be done neatly.
•    Last but not the least, you can fasten the remaining part of hairs with pin and you will have a very nice-looking low rolled updo.


The front side is upon your choice and depends what suits you the most. You can place a tress on the face or put all the hair at the backside. The way you want to keep your hairs also depend upon your face structure. If your face is round then you can bind your hair at back when your forehead is not very wide.

But if you have long or oval shaped face then center-parted hairstyle with lowing updo will complement your face structure. Side parted hairstyle with low bun will suit those who have elongated face. This is not necessary that the style that suits others will suit you too. You must first acknowledge the demand of the shape of your face then select the front side style with low bun.


Although the style is stylish yet it is simple so if you want to have this hairstyle on wedding then decorate it with tiara or crown. You can bring versatility by making a side braid that go to the bun. Leave a portion of hair before making bun and then after making low lying rolling updo, make a braid and join it with the bun. You can adorn your braid with pearls or stones. This hairstyle is best option for a marriage function. But in western girls usually like to be simple and stylish then they can make side-swept bangs with lowing updo.


Backless dresses, maxi, slit gowns and casual dress can be paired with this low rolled updo hair. With casual dresses the girls found them confuse what to do with the hair. So you can opt for low bun to make your ordinary look classy. With backless shirts if you want to make low rolling bun then adorn your neck with necklace that will enhance the charm or your over all look. Going to some grocery store or going to your work this hairstyle will help you most to save your time from thinking too much about hairstyle and will give you a stunning look.

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