Different New Hairstyle for the Eid ul Azha for Girls

| July 30, 2016

0. Latest Eid ul Azha Hairstyle for Girls

There are many hairstyles which are adopted by the girls and the hairstyles are the important part of the girls  personality they cannot  move  without the  hairstyles because it can change your overall look . the girls who are conscious about their beauty they want to adopt such hairstyles which give them a good look and they  look  models and  decent .

sometime girls  like to copy the  style of different celebrities and the  models but in the matter of hair cutting and hair styling you should first see  your face shape  and  then do any hairstyle because  all the people have same faces but their face shapes are different  to one another  so keep in your mind your  face shapes. There are many functions which are celebrated  by the  Muslims  and they want to look traditional and the fashion able on their special   functions .

The   excitement of  eid ul Fitter  is  finished  and now people are busy to decide their dressing ideas, shoes , color combination, hair styles jewelry , hair accessories and much more which are connected to the girls  they  are deciding   for the Eid ul Azha because  one month is left in this eid. So the girls who want to cut their hair according to the new style they stay with us and see the different hairstyles.

Medium length hair:

1. Latest Eid ul Azha Hairstyle for Girls

The girls who have short hair due  to the summer they have cut it so they should not be worried about their hairstyling  they can make the  hairstyle in   medium  length  with  side swept bangs  and in this  hairstyle you can use the different color hair  dyes t is good choice  on the Eid ul Azha  with the tunics and the trouser shirt  on the eid    is good because  weather is  normal and you can keep your hair open.

Fancy braid:

2. Latest Eid ul Azha Hairstyle for Girls

The girls do many hairstyles on the eid and you are well known about the braid hairstyle so you can make the fancy braid   in the shape of   twisted on the both sided and the fishtail on the  head center and braid is made in the shape of heart. You can make it with the kurta and  Capri dresses on the eid  you can  add the fancy pins and brooches in the  braid.

Layered cutting:

3. Latest Eid ul Azha Hairstyle for Girls

Layer cutting is very famous among all the  girls and they cut their  hair n layer also so  if you want to cut your hair in layer  style  then  choppy off shoulder length   layer  side parted if you have something curly then  you can do it straight  on  the Eid ul Azha  it will give you stylish and attractive look  and you can make the high ponytail it look gorgeous with top and   jeans.

 Hair accessories for different hair:

4. Latest Eid ul Azha Hairstyle for Girls

For the layer, step bob and many other cuttings you can use the different colorful hair accessories which look nice on the Eid if you are making   the side swept hair style then for the highlighting your   swept add the  colorful pins now a day’s soft and colorful peacock   quills   pins are very famous among the girls they carry it with the jewelry because this  quill is  used also in the bracelet and the  pendent necklace.

 Center parted wavy hairstyle:

5. Latest Eid ul Azha Hairstyle for Girls

The  girls who are very excited  for the eid they do much  things on the  eid because Eid are the traditional events for the Muslims and on it  people  fulfill their all  wishes of fashion  so leave all the jewelry  just use matha Patti it  is good style to show you enchanting .make the  center parted wavy curly hairstyle  and use the white color kundan matha Patti  I  already tell you that  many girls copy the  bollywood celebrities so the Alliya  Bhatt  has also used this matha Patti.

Hairstyles for the senior ladies:

6. Latest Eid ul Azha Hairstyle for Girls

On the eid  not only girls rather the senior ladies and the  women are also  cut their hair   why not they do fashion they has full right to do fashion because it is their traditional festival  so  the  senior ladies who want to cut their hair they  can cut  their hair in side  parted straight layered  and you can  use the fancy  accessories to make it formal  for the eid function.

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