Different Shades of Medium Brown Hair Color for Men & Women

| February 18, 2016

Trendy Medium Brown Hair Color Ideas:

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Now days the medium brown color is in fashion because I saw lots of male & female models on the runways of New York, Paris & Milan fashion shown in medium brown hair colors. The shades can vary but this is color that is winning the hearts of fashion lovers. I personally love this trend & that’s why last Sunday I get the natural medium brown hair color from a nearly located hair color salon & the interesting point about this color is that it offers a versatile range of shades & furthermore it can go best with almost every skin tone. Whether you have dark skin or olive, fair or neutral, the different shades of medium brown can accentuate your look & personality in a best way.

So, due this neutrality factor of this color with skin tone & due to increasing fans bar, I decided to share a complete guideline about medium brown color Platte. I think the shades of brown are always considered natural when it comes to hair colors. I never like the red tones, I never love the blond color & similarly I never like the greens or yellows because all these looks extra bold & give you a cartoon style look. Yes, don’t laugh. I am serious. I know it’s a fashion but this is a crazy fashion & those boys & girls who are little bit shy or only like decent looks, I think, for them, the shades of medium brown are just perfect. Here’s the guideline!

Medium Ash Brown Hair Color:

1 medium ash brown hair color men

The first shade of medium brown that I select is the “medium ash brown”. The word ash shows the grayish powder that left after the burning of a substance. When you mix this ash color with brown then you will get the medium brown ash hair color. So, this hair color has grayish tint along with brownish tint. It can suit best on olive skin tone as well as it can give a softer look to those men & women who have fair skin tone.

Medium Chocolate Brown Hair Color:

2 medium chocolate brown hair color men

I know you love to eat chocolate. Do you? Yes of course you will be. So, now you are very aware from the chocolate color when you will mix it with medium brown then you will get chocolate medium brown hair color. Here my purpose is to clear the every shade of medium brown into your mind by using these related examples. Hopefully, I am doing my work in a very well way. So that whenever you go into the hair color salon then you can pick up the right shade. These all shades of medium brown are almost same with slight variations. So, my purpose is to highlight this insignificant difference. Chocolate brown usually looks good on dark people as well as on fair skin tone people but suits best on later-on.

Medium Copper Brown Hair Color:

3 medium copper brown hair color men

Here the name of hair color very clearly shows that the copper color is mixed with medium brown shade. For a flattering look as well as for getting a little bit bolder look, this shade is just perfect. This shade can warms up the fair skin tomes in a very best way while it can also suit from pale skin to olive skin tones people.

Medium Golden Brown Hair Color:

4 Medium Golden Brown Hair Color men

Here, in this medium color you can see a shade of golden along with brown. This is also the color that anyone can wear without any kind of hesitation. If you eye color is brown then dear this shade is just for you. When you color your hair then keep one important point into your mind that is whenever you are getting ready for a party or you want to go outside then don’t forget to use the same color eyebrow pencil on your eyebrow hairs so that a homogeneity can be created. When it comes to brown then this color of eyebrow pencils are very easily available into the market.

Medium Red Brown Hair Color:

5 medium red brown hair color

If a boy or a girl wants to look gallant as well as polite, daring as well as civil, trendy as well as stylish, then I think no better option than medium red brown hair color. This hair color can help you make a style statement with graciousness. Here the tint of red is added into brown.

Natural Medium Cool Brown Hair Color:

6 natural medium cool brown men

This is another very classic & royal shade of medium brown hair color. It actually give a very cool feel & never look a warm shade that’s why the word “cool” is added into its name. Kate Middleton has also adopted lots of shades of medium brown hair color. No doubt that every shade of brown looks very royal & flattering on this duchess of Cambridge. Dear you are also never less than a princess. But you need a little bit confidence & decision making power. Take a right decision & get the title of a fashion icon into your social circle!

Hopefully, these all pieces of information will surely help you to understand different shades of medium brown.

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