Different Style Of Messy Ponytail For Summer

| May 20, 2017

Summer is the season when women mostly forget to have elegant and sophisticated look but just try to have a look that can make her feel comfortable and relax. Not only for yourself but for your beholders it is important to look comfy and relaxed. The most irritating thing in summer could be the long hairs and you may not have time to give smooth look to hairs all time.

And not only because they are time-constrained but mostly women do ponytail for having classy and edgy look. The great thing to arrange the hairs in summer with classy and girlish look is making ponytails of different kinds. Some of the styles of ponytails are shown here for you:

Messy pony tail with side braid:

If you think that side braid suits you a lot then make side braid with the pony tail. For making messy ponytail you do not need to brush your hairs in smooth way. Give an irregular brush to hairs and then bind all hairs with the help of some of your hairs. This hairstyle will look awesome and fabulous making you look stylish and cool. College going girls can make this hairstyle to have stunning look.

Bangs with high messy ponytail:

Front bangs or side swept bangs with high messy ponytail will give you gorgeous and stunning look. With messy ponytail do not think you will look messy but with the addition of these styles like bangs or fringes you can have even elegant look even in this hairstyle. For formal look this hairstyle will look very classy and edgy with your fine-looking outfit. This is the hairstyle that will make you feel like celebrity.

Low ponytail with clip:

For casual occasions you can make this style of ponytail and for this just bind all your hairs in clip. With mid parted hairstyle make this ponytail and you will look very dazzling even on casual occasion. With this pony tail you can leave long tresses at the side of the face that will help to exude feminism and with letting these tresses open on the side of face you will look more attractive and captivating.

Ponytail for wavy hairs:

Taking some tresses from the sides of the head with crossing them make this low ponytail. With making your hairs wavy you can make this ponytail to increase your stylish look. Leave some curly hairs on the face and have pretty and gorgeous look with this hairstyle. From casual to formal occasion you can do this hairstyle in summer.


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