Different Style Of Ponytails For Summer

| May 10, 2017

In summer every girl and women would think it better to keep the hairs tied but you do not need to sacrifice your style-statement look. But in pony tail style you can have multiple ways to adopt in order to make your summer comfortable.

Sleek pony tail, pony tail with bouncy curls at end, high pony tail, low pony tail, pony tail with braid in it, side braid with pony tail are some of the option for you to do in this summer. Girls look very cute and innocent making high and low pony tails on different occasions. Even on formal occasions pony tails can give glamorous look to girls. Let’s see some styles here:

Braid and pony tail:

This style of managing the hairs with making braid of all hairs then the ponytail style of remaining hairs is looking very nice and on casual occasions small girls can make this style pony tail to look cute and innocent. Wearing shorts with top girls can make this hairstyle to add style-statement look to their demeanor. With striped style outfit this hairstyle will give amazing look.

High pony tail for girls:

You can go with this hairstyle of making high pony tail and in summer this hairstyle will give you very cool look. On beach side this hairstyle will give you amazing look with shorts and halter neckline top. Just pulling up all hairs you can tie then at the midst of head and this ponytail will keep you at comfort for the whole day.

Stylish low ponytail:

Women of decent nature can make this ponytail in their institutions. Not only for serious but also for glamorous look this sleek pony tail will help you to have gorgeous and pretty look. Separate some of the hairs fro front side and make ponytail of remaining hairs then take hairs from one side first and roll around the ponytail. Now do the same for the other side. This ponytail will give you amazing look.

Braided ponytail:

Fish tail braid will give you very chic and fashionable look. In this style of ponytail you will stay free and comfy in summer as all your hairs are well tied in stylish manner. Doing different works at home you can make this ponytail to get rid of hairs. Girls with heavy hairs will find this hairstyle best to do for arranging the hairs.

Side braids with pony tail:

This is another style of ponytail as you must desire to bring change to your hairstyle. Making front side braids then you can tuck all hairs in pony tail. This style will give you very chic and edgy look and with street style material you can make this hairstyle.


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