Different Style in Tuxedo Braid Bun

| October 8, 2016

The age is changing with the passing of the time  people are becoming very fashionable trendy  and look like some actor and actresses  especially the young generation is totally follow the hero and heroines .they want to carry different and  new styles in their dressing  because  it is the demand of the every society .in the matter of dresses, shoes , bags and the other accessories of the girl first college and universities girls are adopted  because they want to  become the first  who had adopted the fashion  here we are talking about the hairstyles that  that can change your overall look ,some people say cut your hair  you look  active and fresh look  young that is right because  hairstyles is mostly effect on the personality of the others .

there are many hairstyles are introducing by the hair dresser and the girls are making ,braid ,French tail, bun, chignon  bun , updo, messy bun , half up and half down hairstyles are made by the girls and now the tuxedo braid which is very elegant and nice style so if you want to go with it then stay with us and see.

Top high bun:


On the party you can go with the tuxedo braid and the top high bun is looking nice you can make it with the skirt and top basically it is liked by the Chinese girls they make it in their formal and semi formal all  function you can use  the fancy pins and the   hair accessory for making your hairstyle nice and attractive  if your hair is cut from the front then you can make your locks curly in the both sides.

Street style girl hairstyle:


Now a days the trend of street style is much developed among the all youngsters they want to do make their fashion own so if you are a street style lover girl then you should go with the tuxedo wide braid with the messy bun and this hairstyle look so nice with their pant shirt and the shorts with off shoulder top and the jeans with  the button down shirt and the other dresses  this hairstyle is good.

Formal hairstyle:


The ladies who want to go in the wedding ceremonies and the parties then they can go with the   French style tuxedo braid with upper   high bun is nice style with it you can carry the backless dress and in the hairstyle you can add the glitter and the beads to make it fancy according to the ceremony if you have dye your hair then color it in Ombre style because the highlights are in dark golden create a good effect.

One sided bun:


In the previous years the side braid was very common among the girls they do twister on the upper and braid in their lower hair at the one side of your head make the wide braid and the tuxedo bun it  look so beautiful at one sided  if you are a university girl then make this hairstyle and look fabulous  on the both sides leave the locks open you can use the glitter on your hair for the formal touch.


The tuxedo braid bun are made in such styles  you can go with all    hairstyles that are not too much difficult and give you a perfect look in your formal ,semi formal and casual all the time.

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