Different Styles to Make Fishtail Braids for Women

| January 2, 2017

Always try different and new things that are in fashion realm to bring newness and novelty in your looks. Hairstyle matter a lot in bringing versatility in your over all demeanor and they can change your whole personality. Mostly girls look to let their tresses and have fun in parties and functions. But sometimes you want to see change in your overall look. Your hairstyle will count a lot in this regard so where you need to be conscious about your hairstyle there also must try to adopt new styles. One option in this regard is making fishtail braids in different styles.

Loose braids, messy braids, zig zag fishtail braid, Dutch fishtail braid, Low fishtail braided crown, Side braids in to fish tail braids, French fishtail side braid, Poufed up fishtail braid hence multiple options are found in fishtail braids and these are all for casual as well as for wedding events. You can adorn these fishtail braids on wedding ceremonies with beads or along with stylish bangs or fringes these fish tails give more edgy look. Fishtails consist of three strand braids and you need to cross these three bands over each other to make fishtails.

Zig zag fishtail braid;

This different and unique hairstyle may consume your time but it looks so classy that you must try to do this braid. Young girls can opt this braid to look decent and to have a style-statement look. Even with college uniform or at the time of going to university you may consider this style. Having side puff from front side and this zig zag style fishtail braid your appearance will become eye-catching and attention-grabbing in the gathering.

Side braid hair style;

Do you have thick hair and you want to arrange them in well-mannered way? Try this side braid which will be put on your shoulder. This side fishtail braid will give an elegant look with long maxi or side slit gowns. Wearing Anarkali frock you can make side fishtail braid to have a sophisticated look. This braid will look nicer with shiny earrings. Show the stylish side of your personality in this pleasant looking hairstyle. Professional women can adopt this side fishtail braid when time to go to their institute. It is a good option for the women who have thick and long hair and they cannot leave their hair open all the time.

Fishtail with side braid;

This French fishtail braid can be made on casual or semi-party functions. When you are wearing skirt with tops or printed simple looking frock in short or long length, this style of fishtail braid will work for you. If you have thin hairs you can make front side braid and can keep the hairs open. But with thick and heavy hairs must go with this stylish braid. Especially when it is the time to move around a lot and you do not want the interruption of your tresses then must go with this fishtail braid to look active and stylish at the same time.

Front braid to bun;

Making bun is a different thing to do with hairstyle and this will lend you a very sweet and cute look. Young girls may also opt for this hairstyle to look innocent. Because mostly girls thing that bun can make them look mature but it is not so. Making front braid with bun and a light puff on front side will look very classy. Bridesmaid can go with this hairstyle with their gowns.

Bangs with fishtail braids;

A very cute, chic and stylish look you can have with this side fishtail braid along with making bangs on front side. In the picture lovely lady is looking gorgeous in her off-shoulder dress with fishtail braid that is lying on her shoulder. Bangs with the fishtail have increased the charm and beauty of the women.

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