Different Stylish Hairstyles With Straight Hairs

| March 13, 2017

Girls are doing a great effort to make their hairs straight. Some are going salon for rebonding and others have heir straightner ready at home for the hairs to straight on different occasions.

Straightner is really a great blessing for the girls having curly hairs and the girls with straight hairs can make their hairs more attractive and gorgeous. These days’ hairstyles are going trendy in the realm of fashion.

Girls and women can do different hairstyles on casual, formal and semi-formal functions. Different hairstyles like sided braid, twisted front, backcombing, updo with straight hairs, double braid and fringed back style can be opt for straight hairs.

These styles with straight hairs will have very classy, chic and fashionable look. According to your dressing and event you can opt for any hairstyle to complement your overall attire:

Front sides braid hairstyle:

This hairstyle gives very sophisticated look to women. This is the hairstyle for casual, formal and semi formal functions all. Girls look really very nice and adorable with this hairstyle. With mid parted hairstyle you can make braid at both sides. Another option is to do this with mid-parted style whatever style suit to your face structure.

Front style in this pattern and at back open straight hairs will make you look eye-catching and this style will work for you with most of the dresses. You can do this with frocks, maxi dresses and skirts. Even western style dresses like maxi dress, skirts and gown will look fabulous with this front braid hairstyle.

Twisted style from front with open straight hairs:

Wearing pent with T-shirt or with skirt and top girls can make this style. This hairstyle is very easy to make and in home within a few minutes you can do this hairstyle. Mid parted hairstyle with twisted style look fabulous on formal or semi-formal occasions. Making your hairs straight do this hairstyle and have stunning look. Girls look lovely with this hairstyle and with tulip or cigarette pent with short shirt that are going trendy you will look breath-taking with this hairstyle.

Braided hairstyle with long open hairs:

Opt for this braided style and it will make you look captivating. You can do this style on semi-party function. Leaving straight hairs open you can do this hairstyle. Make front braid dividing the hairs in three portions.

Then start making braid taking some of the hairs form sides. You can have this splendid hairstyle with letting half of the hairs open. Girls can have this hairstyle on birthday party function and if you are going to wear any princess inspired dress then this dress will go perfect with this hairstyle.

Sleek back hairstyle for lovely ladies:

This hairstyle will make your appearance classy and graceful with the lovely look that it will lend for you. With mid parted hairstyle you can do this style and from the sleek back style is looking amazing and giving very decent look. You can leave hairs from both sides on shoulder front and this style with different stylish outfits either western or traditional can make you look classy and edgy.

High updo with long open straight hairs:

High updo style with straight hairs is looking very stylish and for modish girls hairstyle will give them very trendy look. Wearing denim with top you can make this hairstyle and this is very nice to do for street style look.


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