Different And Unique Braids For Long Hairs

| February 14, 2017

Long hairs add to the beauty of women and definitely you will desire to give your hairs different styles. One of the different styles is braid style and braid styles also give diversity to your hairs. Every one desire to bring change to look and different styles in braids can help you to have different looks.

From casual to formal occasions you can have different stylish braids. The braids will give you very nice and sophisticated look. One-sided braid, twisted braid, front braid and fishtail braid etc can give you amazing look. Different stylish braids that will give you style-statement look are given here:

Front braid for casual look:

This front braid is looking fabulous and can give you very decent and nice look. Braid at one side of the shoulder is looking ravishing. College girls can make this hairstyle and young girls will look very decent with this look. Making braid at front you can secure this at the side of hairs and can leave your hairs open from back. This look also gives splendid beauty to you and especially young girls and also teenagers who have long hairs can manage their hairs in this way.

Twisted braid style:

This twisted braid style is also looking very nice and amazing. Braid from both sides you have to make and then tie them at center. This look is also doable at marriage ceremonies. With side bangs you can make this style of making fishtail braid of the whole hairs. This style will require a technique that can make the braid look neat and clean. The more you do the practice the more you will have good result. After doing a lot of practice you will be able to bring diversity in the style. These styles are looking eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Side braid with western dresses:

This braid at one side is looking very stylish and will give you very chic look. You can go with this hairstyle with western dresses too. Wearing denim pent and top you can make this style on one side braid and can leave all hairs at the other side.

For street style look you can make this style. This style can also give you funky look so girls of college or girls for street style can make this hairstyle. Even with skirt and top you can make this hairstyle to have fashionable look and not only this hairstyle will give you stylish look but will also arrange your hairs in good way.

A braid for thick and heavy hairs:

This fish tail braid is looking very nice and for thick hairs it is very amazing thing to do. For weddings and for formal functions you can make this style of making braid and then adorn the braid with clips at distance. This style will make the hairs look attractive and fabulous. You will look stunning and striking in this hairstyle.

Double braid:

This style of double braid will make you look funky and stylish. Girls who like to do different things with hairs will must try this hairstyle. This hairstyle will give them confident look. At home you can manage your hairs with this style. With modern and western dresses make your look more modish with this hairstyle.


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