Some effective ways and remedies to remove hairs from legs

| October 5, 2016


The most embarrassing thing when you wear any cool fashion outfit is to have peeping follicles from legs. This is the big problem for all those girls who have literally the hair growth abnormally. But we all have hairs on different body parts and legs, arm and back are main so finding for best way to remove that unwanted hair is the main mission of everyone. The reasons of having hairs on body can be;
•    Genetically excessive hair
•    Imbalance diet in which junk food play an important role
•    Abnormal result of using some medications
•    Hormonal problem
•    Pregnancy
•    Irregular menstrual cycle
Some people have less while the other have more of hairs even their certain body parts don’t clear due to excessive hairs. one thing which I must clear at this point that there is not such remedy that permanently stops your unwanted hairs on body, however some remedies work for a certain period of time in which the tension gets minimized. Electrolysis is the one method that really gives fruitful results of removing the follicles from roots but this demand a big amount from the user.
On the other hand, laser treatment is also one that is becoming the famous solution in getting rid of that problematic hair. But research shows that laser is effective for one to two years however laser treatment is as expensive as electrolysis also it is best for those who can afford and manage their bank amount.
Waxing in this regard also helps in maintaining hair growth for about one month; you can go for any saloon or even wax at home too. Once you have grip on waxing, only one hour is required to get rid of hairs from legs. Similarly threading is also another solution to hope for positive but I must tell here that these two methods just work for a certain period of time however better than shaving that permit more hairs to come from roots.

Waxing is considered best as it is effective. Whatever remedy you do for legs hairs, it is pretty obvious that there would not be sudden results of ending all hairs magically but one have to be patient even more when use homemade remedies. Natural remedies work slowly, to see the magic an individual have to wait. In natural remedies we have list of things for growth of hair on legs in which some main are include;
•    Raw papaya
•    Egg white with corn starch
•    Turmeric
•    Lentil and potato
•    Basil onion paste
•    Sugar molasses wax

Sugar, honey and lemon for end leg hairs:


This is the one way that I remember my aunt used when she was young and I wondered that how the thick paste remove all hairs. Mixing of honey, lemon juice and sugar heated in microwave or on stove can be an effective sticky paste to end hairs. You just apply the paste and on drying, let it off with help of wax strips.

This remedy is tremendous as it gives smoothness to skin too and freshens up it incredibly. At start, you have to apply it within 15 days but gradually the hairs will slowly minimum in numbers and length. I have added this remedy because I found it more effective than any other. It is also called homemade wax because of the stickiness.

Gram flour, turmeric and yogurt paste:


Well, it is also a skin whitening face pack too those ladies apply on face but it is for the people who has less hairs on legs. Mixing up all ingredients, apply this to certain areas. After drying rub it well. During rubbing period, your follicles get removed.

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