Embellished Hair Comb With Pearls for Bridals

| November 5, 2016

Bridals on wedding are adorned with different accessories but the criteria in west and east is totally different. Bridals in west do not overload with heavy products but they try to stay as simple as possible. The bridals mostly wear white and silver dresses and with these colors they wear fewer cosmetics as the colors do not require a lot. From head to toe a very few accessories can be seen in which hair comb is also included. Hair comb are available in different designs and in different shapes. You can fasten these hair combs to hairs with different technique according to the facial features. You can select a comb that you think will suit you the most. But also take notice of the requirement of your wedding outfit as your dress should match to your hairstyle. Here we will discuss about the different combs you can adopt to adorn your hairstyle.

Hair comb for twisted braid;


If you have selected to make a twisted braid as your hairstyle for wedding day then this hair comb is really for you. Your braid will look simple so you can make it attractive and lovely embellishing it with this kind of pretty comb. The comb is made up of stones, beads and rhinestone. This will shine if you are wearing a net dupatta with this.

Large comb at the side of forehead;


This hairstyle will suit you if you have round and oval shape face because only then side parted hairstyle will look nice on you. Then after side parted hairstyle you can place this comb at one side of your face. This will give your face a very elegant look. The structure of the comb is intrigued yet beautiful. A flower structure in the middle and its branches are going from it. All are made of beads, stones and studs.

Small size comb for updo;


Updo is a common hairstyle for bridals of western countries. But again it is reminded to be careful about the demand of your face structure. An updo complement to every face structure and you can further decorate it with small sized comb as it is shown in the picture. A messy updo is adorned with a silver comb that is embellished fully with rhinestones and pearls.

Lower updo with comb;


This lower updo is favorite of girls. If someone thinks that high updo can make her look more mature than her age then they can opt for this lower updo. This lower updo can be made very easily learning a few steps from start to ending. On this updo you can place a V-shaped Comb above the updo. This is made in small leaves shape with three adjoining sea shells at two sides of the comb and the leaves are filled with pearls.

Floral comb with net;


This hairstyle is best for young bridals to look lovely and adorable. This hair comb reminds us of Vintage time. Bridal in this comb will give somewhat of Diana look. Your face will whole look decorated as the net with the comb gives very delicate and nice look. A big white flower decorated with pearls on one side of the forehead and a net attached to it is giving very sophisticated look. So if you desire to have princess like ok then must first think of this comb to have your desired goal.

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