Find A Perfect, Trendy And Stylish Haircut For Your Straight Hair

| May 19, 2017

Women blessed with long and silky straight hair are lucky enough because straight hair looks gorgeous and versatile so ladies with straight hair don’t need a lot of fuss to look good. Straight hair has a great natural shine because it gives light a flat surface to reflect on. Here are some stylish hair cutting ideas for straight hair to make them look awesome.

If you have to face the difficulty in styling your silky straight hair at the time of going to office then you can cut your long straight hair in shoulder length with front fringes because fringe definitely makes a statement.

There is not much have to do to style fringe with your straight hair and this hairstyle works best for longer face shapes. If all else fails and you need a new style, you cannot go wrong with a traditional layered cut. It flatters your face and adds more structure and shape to your hairstyle and ideal for lady who needs to go easily from work to party.

Best thing about long straight hair that there are endless possibilities to cut the straight long hair. Short bob hairstyle is one of the favorite hairstyle or haircutting of mostly ladies and it is never goes out of fashion trend though it works best in hot summer season.

If you have a short bob cut then put your front hair from forehead up keeping all the strands down to frame the face, if you are in a hurry in the morning then style your hair like this for your office.

If you are blessed with silky straight hair and want to bring a change so cut your air in shoulder length with front flick. You don’t need to use an iron to flat your hair and never blow dry them. Always let the air dry and then apply a leave-in conditioner to your damp hair. This simple side flick shoulder length hair cut is easy to manage and will suit almost all face shapes.

If you have a square face with wide forehead, give your straight hair some drama by framing your face. Hair that is medium in texture and density will style easiest into this look. This hair cut will work great for lifeless and dull hair; add short and long layers to your lifeless hair called chopped-up strands.

These chopped-up strands are a great way to give your air some body and dimension. For going to a party or hang out with friends, throw in a texturizing spray and you are ready to go and you will definitely make the heads turn around to your voluminous silky straight hair.


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