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| June 16, 2017

Some girls are crazier about their overall looks and they always want to grab the attention of the crowd. So they wear unique style outfits, jewelry, shoes and do different things to look different from others.

If you are also one of them and thinking about coloring your hair in a different way, stay with this post because here are some ideas to make your hair looks color unique and attention grabbing with various highlight shades.

Red locks are getting all the love right now so dye all of your hair with red color and highlight the ends with strawberry blonde shade. While going out with friends, curl your hair, let them open and wear classic black top to prominent the highlight color and you will definitely stand out among your friends and crowd also.

If you are looking to add colors to your platinum pixie cut hair, go with, red ombre shade and green color highlights to make your short hair the centre of attention. Your hair will look like a rainbow, consider this hair color with sleeveless top and shorts to go out in rainy season or summer evening party.

This highlighted color is ideal for those girls who want to add some other color to the hair having blonde shade but don’t want to bleach them. They can highlight their blonde wavy hair with minimal stripes of brown color.

The trend of black color is not going anywhere, so make your black tresses look modernized take the idea from this picture. Highlight the ends of your silky straight black tresses with blue shade or other which do you like. Blue highlights are just perfect for warming up your basic black tresses and this will surely make everyone wonder.

Make your hair dye look multi dimensional with the blending of golden, chest nut and brown color and look trendy and beautiful. this will work for teenage or college going girls to look stylish even in college.

When everyone else is lightening up the hair, go your own way and pick the green shade to look different from others. You don’t have to have long cascading bangs to rock this shade; gradation is just as doable with a messy short cut. You can opt for this color for summer season or for Halloween party too.




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