Gorgeous And Stylish Ways To Amp A Ponytail Hairstyle For Wedding

| May 16, 2017

Summer is the hottest time of the year and everyone wants to stay and feel cool during the hot days. Women with long hair are much worried because long hair tease and stick to the face and cause itching or irritation.

The situation becomes more complicated when comes to brides for summer weddings because a bride wants to look gorgeous, elegant, royal and fresh at any cost. In summer season every lady find a better way to keep the hairs tied but you they do not need to sacrifice their style-statement look and the same thing is with the brides. Here are some simple, beautiful and stylish ponytail hairstyles for brides for the wedding day.

Ponytails are not only an excellent way to keep the hair of your face on your wedding day; they are super stylish and romantic also and the best thing about the ponytail is that you can customize it to your personal taste and dress.

Sleek pony tail, pony tail with bouncy curls at end, high pony tail, low pony tail, pony tail with braid in it, side braid with pony tail are some of the option for you to do in this summer. Girls look very cute and innocent making high and low pony tails on different occasions.

Even on formal occasions pony tails can give glamorous look to girls. The classic ponytail is as informal style but you can make it glamorous for your wedding day by adding some accessories as fresh flowers, beads, pearls, tiara etc with your white wedding gown.

Style your hair in mid parted sleek hairstyle; pull back your hair and let some ringlet to frame your face,  make a hairdo at the crown of your head and pull back all of your hair in high ponytail hairstyle and curl your with a curling iron.

Wear this dress with off the shoulder lace gown and dangling silver stones earrings. Start making a loose braid on the top of the head and make it till the end of the hair, then gather all of your hair into a low ponytail, secure it with a rubber band and wrap the section of the hair around the rubber band to hold the ponytail and use some bobby pins to secure the hair wrap.

This is another style of ponytail and you must desire to bring change to your hairstyle. Comb your hair in side parted messy hairstyle, make side braid, start making it from the side which do you like and then you can tuck all hairs in pony tail. This style will give you very chic and edgy look with your backless wedding gown.

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