Hair Disasters done by the Popular Male Celebrities from all over the World

| November 9, 2015

Worst Haircuts & Hair Dye by the Well-known People:

It is a fact that the people who enter into the world of glam & spark then think that now they can do anything & their fan always follow them but dear you are thinking wrong because you are still a human being & we know that a man can make mistakes. So, sometimes when you arrive in a function dressed badly or you adopt a fashion that never suits you & similarly when you done lots of experiments with your hairs then there are only your fans who guide you very well by telling their opinions about your fashion. Sometimes you rock on the floor with amazing fashion sense & sometimes you ruin the impact of your personality & make a disaster by choosing wrong style for your personality. Today, my topic of discussion is all about the blunders of hair cut & hair dye done by the famous male celebrities. I am going to mention only the top 10 names! Let’s starts!

Adam Glambert Ruined His Look by Choosing Platinum Blonde Hair Color:

Adam Glambert Goes Platinum Blonde! Adam Glambert

He is an American singer, songwriter & stage actor. His date of birth is born 29th January, 1982 & he got fame from the season 8 of American Idol.

Adam Levine Make a Disaster with His Look by Choosing Platinum coif Hair Color:

Adam Levine platinum coif

He is an American singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & actor who born on 18th March, 1979 & he is a part of the rock & roll American band Maroon 5 in which he is a lead vocalist.

Axl Rose Make Blunder with Gauche Braids:

Axl Rose  box braids Axl Rose

He also belongs from the American showbiz industry as a singer, songwriter & musician born on 6th February, 1962.

Justin Timberlake Crunchy Hair Look Messy:

Justin Timberlake  crunch hair Justin Timberlake

He is also a very well-known & popular American singer, songwriter & actor who born on 31st January, 1981.

Lionel Messi Haircut Disaster:

Lionel Messi hair cut disaster Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi belongs from the Argentine & work as a footballer in the national team. His date of birth is June 24, 1987.

Mario Balotelli Destroy his Look with Mohawk Haircut & Blonde Hair color:

Mario Balotelli hair cut Mario Balotelli hair

Mario Balotelli is an Italian footballer born on August 12, 1990.

Shemar Moore Hair looks like a Golden Dome:

shemar moore

Shemar Moore is an American actor & model born on 20th April, 1970.

Soulja Boy Ionizing Blond Dye Disaster:

Soulja Boy radioactive blond dye job Soulja Boy radioactive blond dye job

Soulja Boy is a very famous American rapper, actor & entrepreneur born on 28th July, 1990.

Tom Brady Hair Dye Blunder:

Tom Brady hair dye

Tom Brady is an American football born on 3rd August, 1977. He is currently engaged with the NFL (National Football League) of the New England Patriots.

Zayn Malik Dyed His Hair Green Great Blunder:

zayn malik dyed his hair green

zayn malik dyed

Zyan Malik is English singer & songwriter with Muslim Ethnicity; he is the member of the One Direction band & born on 12th January, 1993.

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