Did your Hairstyle Affect to your Personality

| June 9, 2016

7 personalities can be   identified with their hairstyles

0. did your hairstyle affect to your personality

Hairstyle is an essential thing because it can change your overall look  and   if you are looking  bad then a good hairstyle can give you a  good look and everything is affected on your personality whether it is your dress, shoes  jewelry and your  hairstyle  all things can change your personality  in a good way  here we talking about the hairstyle  which are very much in  strength  but some hairstyle are not suited on the  face of everyone    because the face shapes  different of everyone   some has round face ,oval, rectangle ,heart etc shapes  faces  are    human  being  exist in this world so  their hair designer suggest the different cutting and  style according to their  face  shapes  so some hair psychologist has researched  that  which  type of hairstyle is  adopted  by   a lady which type   of personality  a woman has . So come with us and see the different hairstyles   which can help you to recognize the others. Straight, long, short, curly, braided, messy all the hairstyles are good but it should be according to your face shape and the personality.


0+ did your hairstyle affect to your personality

1.    First of all ponytail which is a hairstyle which is adopted by the different ladies  on the formal and semi formal  all the functions and it is mostly   make in the home you can  make the high pony  when you are going to the gym, park ,to the office and in the house keep it high it show you that your personality  is     practical  and self  sufficient  and  not require  much attention.
1. did your hairstyle affect to your personality

2.    Messy bun  is  a beautiful and  trendy now a days  and it is easy to make   you can decorate your hair  with   fancy pins and the clips  the messy bun girls like to see much dreams  rather we can say that they  live in the  valley of dreams  it is very easy to make  and this  hairstyles are mostly   flexible  and suits to the high dreamer  girls.

2. did your hairstyle affect to your personality

3.    Straight hair are liked by many girls and  with the straight hair you can make any hairstyle  because  your hair are adorable  and it is research that the girls who have straight hair their personality is very serious  professional and  outspoken  but  your hair should be  voluminous   straight otherwise you  look  something narrow minded.

3. did your hairstyle affect to your personality

4.    Wavy curly hair is not liked buy everyone but if is suited on the face of anyone then she always want to go with   this hairstyle it is said the girl who have wavy curly hair she is trendy and unique and this style is elegant and give you a touch of carefree lose curl tell about you that you want to rule over the others but it gives you an innocent look to you.

4. did your hairstyle affect to your personality

5.    Long hair has so much meaning some   researcher says that the woman who has long hair she is very sensitive and wants  the attention of the  opposite sex  and some says long hair are due to the bohemian  spirit because the boho ladies are  freedom liking and the long hair  girls like to go with  freedom and if  anyone stop them, they become rebel.

5. did your hairstyle affect to your personality

6.    If a women who have short well maintained, carefully short hair   she  want  to  be express her personality through her hair  short hair  girls are  super romantic  and the short hair girls  spend  their  a lot of money on their cutting  short cut hair  girls    are full of pride ,and they feel them self insecure  and   concern  about the other matters.
6. did your hairstyle affect to your personality

7.    Braid is a very good thing to make for the casual, semi formal and the formal   functions  and the braided  hairstyles girls are quiet and  wrangle  but the braided girl can’t   get attention   to the others   because the braid are very  beautiful but the   girls who have   braided hair  they are very  complex   people   like their intricate  hairstyle  they   can’t understand  easily.

7. did your hairstyle affect to your personality


hairstyles can be selected according to your face shape because   hairstyles are symbolized to your personality. Hairstyles are so many but     some hairstyles can be suited on your personality before cut the hair first   judge your face shape to your    hair designer.

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