Hairstyle Ideas For School Going Girls

| April 6, 2017

To make your children confident and active in school you must pay attention to their dressing and of course hairstyle. Hairstyle will make them feel proud for having a stylish look so must make the hairstyle in stylish ways that can suit to their personality.

Little girls who have long hairs cannot manage their open hairs so must select a hairstyle in which all hairs are managed well and also a hairstyle that can give them style-statement look. Braided hairstyles or front side braid for short hairs are found the best and you can bring change in these styles to bring versatility in the look of your little girl.

Some of the exceptional hairstyles for school going girls are here and you can have ideas from here how you can give comfortable and stylish look to your girl:

Fishtail braid for long hairs:

This fishtail braid is for long hairs. After making the braid of the hairs of center Make the fish tail braid then mix this braid making ponytail on head and both will make an extremely beautiful braid. Girls will give very active and brilliant look in this hairstyle. For all the day long they will stay comfortable in this hairstyle.

Two ponytails with different styles:

If your daughter has to go o party function or to celebrate a special day in school wearing fancy dress then you can opt for this hairstyle of two ponytails. You can see the ponytails are made with different style and this is giving the girl captivating and attractive look.

Your little girl will look very cute and sweet with this hairstyle. You can make this hairstyle even with uniform as it is looking very nice and adorable so with school uniform this hairstyle will look perfect.

Two braided updo for girls:

Little girls about the age of 3-6 years look adorable and lovable with this hairstyle. With mid parted hairstyle making braid you can make braided updo. Girls will have mischievous look that will make them more attractive and lovely for everyone. This hairstyle will make the girls look cute and endearing.

Bangs and two ponies:

Two ponies give eye-catching look to little girls and they start looking appraisable with their cute, charming and beautiful look. Bangs with the ponytail are increasing the cute look of little girl. She is looking amiable for her cute and lovely look. You can also bind ribbons at ponies and that will give more awesome look to girls.

Braid with chain style:

Taking small portion of hairs from both sides of mid parted hairs make braids. Then make a braid of hairs behind with all hairs but in chain style. This hairstyle is what you can do to bring some change and innovation in every day look.


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