Hairstyle Ideas on Walima for Brides

| December 20, 2016

On Walima a very different look every bridal would desire to have from Mehndi and barat. Not only the function but many other factors also matter in this regard. Your dressing selection, face structure, length and size of hairs. Keeping all these aspects in mind you can select a hairstyle for you. On Walima every bridal would like to have an elegant look and for this can go with open tresses or updo. Braids in different style and design look also very nice on Walima function. Here we have described different hairstyles from which you can select anyone.

Loose curls;

Loose curls give the effect of wet tresses that exude feminism and make the woman look gorgeous. On Walima this hairstyle will make you stand out with side parted hairstyle and loose curls lying at shoulder. Mostly girls wear soft and light colors on Walima like peach, pink, tea pink etc. And with these kind of colors these loose curls make the overall look classy and graceful. On long or oval face this hairstyle will go best suited.

Messy braid with curls;

This is the hairstyle you cannot be made on barat function so Walima provide you the opportunity to have a simple yet stylish hairstyle with decent look. On Walima not very highly embellished dress you are wearing so this hairstyle will make your look awesome. Side messy braid at one side and locks at the other side will definitely accentuate feminism and sweet look of the bride. Square faces and girls with heavy faces can select this hairstyle.

Wavy open tresses;

Girls always found upset with their hairstyle what they should make on their wedding. Young girls must try this hairstyle of long open tresses that are lying on shoulder. The setting of dupatta holds a lot of importance because it can increase or decrease the grace of your hairstyle. Backcombing at the center will help you to set the dupatta on head. If you have long hairs then this hairstyle is for you. Just try it to look outclass and remarkable.

Spring hairstyle for Walima;

Brides having round faces will look magnificently beautiful with this hairstyle. Here we have an option of bumpy puff with updo and light curls at both sides. A small size Maang tikka is enough to adorn the hairstyle. Girls with broad forehead should avoid this kind of hairstyle. Instead they can select fringes or side swept bangs with updo.

Side braided updo;

This side braided updo with one side mathapatti is a perfect hairstyle to adopt. A very classy look you can have with this hairstyle. Bumpy puff are giving regal look and forehead adorned with side Mathapatti is further increasing the charm. Wearing gown or long maxi that is embellished you can go with this hairstyle and must match the mathapatti with necklace and earrings you are going to wear.

Fish tail curly braid;

A heavy kind of hairstyle if you want to have that can grasp the attention of every one and in pictures that look very visible and prominent. This fish tail curly hairs are good for those who have healthy hairs. A very chic, modern and fashionable look you can have with this hairstyle. A high puff on front side and curls on both sides are really going to make you stand out.

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