Hairstyles With Veil For Brides Having Long hairs

| March 4, 2017

Hairstyle counts a lot on wedding day and how a bride looks on this day half of the contribution comes from the hairstyle. A right hairstyle that go perfect with your facial features and face structure will make your look stunning and beautiful.

In western countries mostly girls wear a ball gown, mermaid gown, Off-shoulder gown or the gown with different stylish necklines. Your hairstyle should be according to your dressing and over all make-up. If you want to look pretty and gorgeous do consult to your make-up beautician to ask before the marriage which hairstyle would suit you the most.

Try that hairstyle before marriage to see whether it suit you or not. Here we will discuss about the hairstyles for the girls who have long hairs. Different hairstyles are shown here for you:

Messy curls at one side of the shoulders:

A bride can have very sophisticated look with this hairstyle. Making curls of hairs you can put that on one side of the shoulder. If you are wearing off-shoulder gown then opt for this hairstyle making bouncy curls of all hairs and make them lying on front of the shoulder.

Front back hairstyle is looking very nice and it is going perfect with the beautiful Features of the bride. You can attach a pin or a clip at the center of head to make your hairstyle look stylish from behind.

Half up and half down hairstyle:

This top knot hairstyle is giving outstanding look to the bride. Half up and half down style is giving very nice look to the bride. The straight hairs lying on shoulders are looking very adorable and wearing a ball gown you can opt for this hairstyle. The hairstyle is giving very elegant look to the bride. With this hairstyle you can attach the veil of the bride in the center of head where the knot is done. A crown on the front side of the style is looking amazing and it is making the hairstyle more attractive and charming.

Half up and half down side parted hairstyle:

This side parted hairstyle will give you gorgeous look. You will look very pretty with this cute looking hairstyle. Half up and half down hairstyle will give you breath-taking look. You can make loose curls of the hairstyle and can look awe-inspiring to others.

A tiara on head is giving regal look and making the hairstyle exceptional. The golden hairs of the bride with silver tiara are looking more captivating. The point where you have done half up and half low the center point can be used to attach the veil there.

Braided bun with side swept hairstyle:

This side swept hairstyle will give you very chic, beautiful and pretty look. Side swept bangs are giving very cute look and braided bun for long curly hairstyle. A silver tiara at the midst of the hairs is looking very stylish and eye-catching.

You must desire to look like princess on your wedding so this hairstyle will help you to fulfill your desire. Veil is managed to attach at the center of the head and this hairstyle will make you stand out in the crowd giving you amazing and full of charm look.



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