Half Up Curly Hairstyles Ideas for Women

| May 5, 2015

Half Up Hairstyles:

Hairstyle plays a vital role in order to change your overall look. You can look very graceful if you choose a hairstyle carefully. It’s the time to left typical straight, curly & updo hairstyles. It’s the time to try some chic & new half up & half down curly hairstyle because this hairstyle offers you a wide variety of creating stunning looks. Have a look towards the following pictures in which I illustrate how you can create different hairstyles simply by keeping your half hair up & half down. Don’t forget to add curls into your hair first.

Half up Hairstyle with Braided Layer Bouffant:

1 modish curly half up hair style (12)

Create a bouffant with braid as half up style while the remaining half down hairs can be made more flattering by adding curls. If you want to go on an evening party then it is just right hairstyle for you dear girls!

Puffy Hairstyle with Half Hairs up & Half Down:

2 modish curly half up hair style (13)

Try a puff with curly hairstyle! It will allow you to set half hair up & keep half hair down. Rock into the party with this hairstyle!

Half up Updo with Half down Curly Hairs:

3 modish curly half up hair style (15)

For getting this look, first of all add curls into the hairs, then create an updo by holding half hairs & let the remaining half hairs to butter up on your back!

Curly Hal up Half down Hairstyle with Fringe:

4 modish curly half up hair style (8)

If you want to rock on the dance floor on prom party then this fringe half up half down hairstyle is just accurate option for you!

Glamorous Wedding Hairstyle:

5 modish curly half up hair style (7)

Use a crystal or pearl embellished clip or hair comb for the purpose of adding stylishness & chic into your half up curly hairstyle as shown into the above picture!

Knotted Half up Hairstyle:

6 curly half up hairstyles new ideas

Another amazing idea for creating a different half up curly hairstyle is to create knots into the hairs as shown above!

Vintage Half up Half down Hairstyle:

7 curly half up hairstyles new ideas

Try gel set vintage half up curly hairstyle. For this purpose you can take inspirations from celebrities!

Overlapping Half up Hairstyle:

8 curly half up hairstyles new ideas

Create an overlapping style by holding some straps of hair that you want to keep up & the remaining curly hairs left wandering here & there on your back. An ideal wedding & bridal hairstyle idea!

Curly Hairstyles:

Get more ideas by exploring my Savvy selection of half up curly hairstyles which is shown below!

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