Harsh Hair after Dye! Soft Your Hair with Easy Tips

| October 21, 2015

Tips for Soften the Harsh Hairs after Dye:

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Girls are very crazy about their look, personality, skin tone & hairs. They are more conscious about skin tone & hairs. Today my topic of discussion is hair. Hairs play vital role in order to beautify a woman’s personality. For getting stunning & graceful look women prefer new & trendy haircuts & they go with hair dye. Dyes make hair hard, rough, dry & harsh. But in this effort of looking beautiful they sometime damaged their hair with excessive cutting & excessive coloring & dyeing. Dear, if you feel that after dyeing your hair have become harsh & rough then it’s the right time to say good bye to your worry by acting upon the soften hair tips which I discussed into the following points. Let’s take a look!

1)    Try some effective home remedies. In which the most easy & effective tip is the use of apple cider vinegar. Mix it with water. Apply on hairs from starting to end points. Leave it for about half an hour & hen wash your hairs.

2)    You can simply condition your hair by using a suitable conditioner that you use regularly.

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  3)    Don’t wash hair regularly more washing means more dryness. So wash only twice in a week. If your hairs roots are oily then you can wash your hairs after two days but avoid daily washing.
4)    Before washing hair, you can message with oil. You can use olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil etc that suits your hair type.

5)    Another homemade tip is to simply use the eggs because these contains on protein & when apply on hair like a mask then makes your hair silky & soft. Beat one or two eggs (depends on your hair length & volume) & apply. Let it dry & then shampoo your hair.

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6)    Try to follow the warm & cold compress during hair wash. First wash with lukewarm water. It will open up the hair follicle; hairs will soak water & moisture then lock this moisture inside by using cold water because cold water seals the hair follicle.
7)    You can also apply honey. Mix it in water & now apply mixture on all hairs. Then wash.

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8)    The meshed banana & avocado mask is also best top treat rough, dry & harsh hairs.

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9)    Try to eat well. Add eggs, milk, fish, salmon into your diet plan. This healthy food will make your hairs healthy from inside.
10)    Trim hair regularly.

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