Head Turning Fishtail Braid Hairstyling Ideas for Long Hairs

| August 17, 2015

Long Hair Braided Hairstyle Ideas:

If you have long hairs then it means you possess beauty. Yes, long hairs usually consider a sign of beauty in a woman’s personality. Furthermore, long hair means you can pick any hairstyle that you like. But mostly the girls & women who have long hairs they usually like to protect their hairs, they never like to damage their hair by making intricate hairstyles & by using hair sprays & machines. So, now on this page you can get best hairstyling ideas for your dear long hairs. I think for you the braided hairstyles are best. You can go with simple braid, Dutch braid, French braid or fishtail braid. Here, I am going to share the fishtail braid hairstyle ideas for long hairs. All hairstyle are really very fabulous & perfect for formal events as well as you can pick one of these as casual style. Let’s have a look!

Fishtail Braided Updo:

1 fishtail braid hairstyles  (7)

If you have thick I mean voluminous plus long hair then it’s the right time to wrap all your hair in the form of an updo but don’t make a simple updo. Try this one; the fishtail braid is wrapped around the updo very beautifully. It is looking very chic & trendy!

Side Swept Fishtail Braid:

2 fishtail braid hairstyles  (4)

This side swept fishtail braid is just perfect for first date! Yes make your first date remarkable by making this hairstyle with your long hairs & leave a long lasting impression on your boyfriend!

Half Hairstyle with Fishtail Braid:

3 fishtail braid hairstyles  (10)

If you are going on a romantic candle light dinner then you need to jazz up your straight hairs by making a half up hairstyle with fishtail braid as shown into the above picture!

Ponytail with Fishtail Braid:

4 fishtail braid hairstyles  (5)

Teenage, school or college going girls can try this one! They let a fishtail braid to flatter here & there in high ponytail hairstyle as you can see into the above photo.

Messy Fishtail Braid:

5 fishtail braid hairstyles  (8)Sometimes, girls like to rock in a street as well as in a party so I suggest you to go with messy fishtail braid & avoid the neat & clean braid. This hairstyle is very favorite for the red carpet events because mostly celebrities are spotted in this hairstyle!

Fishtail Braid Ideas:

By making one of these hairstyles you can get a very different & classy look on various formal & semi formal events. For more ideas you need to encompass a deep look at the following fishtail braided hairstyle gallery!

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