Home-made Remedies To Stop Hair Fall

| March 17, 2017

Nothing can be more painful for a woman than the loss of hairs. Not only for women but also for men this hair fall has become a major problem. Both should give proper attention providing nutrition to hairs and healthy diet that can nourish hairs to grow.

Hairs play a vital role in your personality and a person with less hairs look very aged and also could not give a good impression on others. In women this hair falling create disturbance that could not let them do their other works for they become very worried about hairs.

You do not need to go to salon for the treatment of hairs but there are a number of remedies that you can do at home to have long shiny hairs without hair fall problem. Some of the remedies are given here:

Use Aloevera gel:

Your surrounding can play a major role in the hair fall because the atmosphere full of dust can leave damaging effects on hairs. To stop hair fall you can apply aloe Vera gel to hairs and that can help in reducing scalp problems like itching or flaking.

Aloe Vera gel has such mild alkaline property that helps in restoring the Ph level of the scalps. Not only is to fight against the hair fall but also this very effective for removing dandruff. You can have aloevera leaf in home and then extract pulp from it. Then apply it on the scalps of hairs for 45 minutes and wash off the hairs.

Use onion for the scalp of hairs:

In the scalp the blood circulation problem can result in falling the hairs. The best remedy for hair circulation is to use onion juice that is having high content of sulpher. Onion juice can also help in killing off the germs and parasites. For applying the onion you must extract the juice of the onion and after applying on the scalps you can leave it for half an hour. Then wash your hairs with a mild cleanser and water.

Use oil massage for hairs:

Oil massage is very useful for hairs growth. Oils have innumerable benefits that help to stop the hair fall and to get rid of dandruff. The best way to apply oil is after getting that warm and then give massage to hairs and leave for an overnight.

Wash your hairs in the morning and if not over night then wash your hairs after one an hour. You can apply coconut oil, mustard oil, almond oil and jojoba oil. To have the best result apply the mixture of all these oils and see how these make you hairs grow.

Use curd as home remedy:

Mustard oil mix with curd can also help in ending the dandruff problem that can also one of the cause of hair fall. Curd is also best to apply on hairs for getting smooth, silk and shiny hairs. 2 tablespoon of curd mix with 1 tablespoon of honey can also help you to have long and healthy hairs.

Beetroot juice for hair fall:

If you want to make your hairs grow fast then drink beetroot juice daily that is full of the nutrients that are essential for hairs. Alternatively you can make a paste of beetroot leaves boiling them in water. Then apply this paste on scalps and leave for 30minutes. You can do this procedure twice In a week and within a few weeks you will see the growth of hairs.

Apply egg whitening to boost hair growth:

Another thing that you will find already in home is egg. The whitening o egg will help to provide protein and vitamin to hair scalps making them strong and long. Collect egg whitening just in bowl and apply them on scalps and all over the hairs.

Leave this for one hour and then wash your hairs with cleanser. Do this remedy for once in a week and this will help in boosting the hair growth ending the problem of hair fall.

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