Home Remedies for Black Hairs without Chemicals.

| April 1, 2016

Natural Readies to Turn White Hairs into Black

Everything fades with the passage of time same like our age also increased and our flexibility and charm starts declining. With the passage of time especially after 50,s signs of aging start dominating. And if you are a lady then it’s a surety that you will not accept this thing immediately. Ladies are very sensitive about their appearance they always want to survive with cool, stylish look and trendy appearance with the same charm and glamour. But we all know this is not possible to remain alive with the same charm always but yeah there are many things or signs of aging which we can overcome. So the main issue in appearance is your hairs grey or white hairs are the most embarrassing things which are considered by ladies because it immediately make them look older. But today if we talk about grey or white hairs it is not only the issue of aging in fact many young generation is also suffering from this hair problem due to many causes.

So here we are presenting some home remedies or natural ways to get rid of white hairs and turn them into black without using any harmful chemical. These home remedies are quite beneficial and make you look even younger. These are helpful in turning white hairs into black. Because firstly we should must try the natural remedies before moving towards chemical treatments because they can harm your hairs or your body in many aspects.

So let’s scroll our page and fine the best suitable home remedies that will make you younger by turning your white hairs into black.

Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves:


Coconut oil is very fruitful for damage hairs and especially curry leaves because these leaves help in bringing back the damage pigments of your hairs. So make a mixture of coconut oil and curry leaves and apply on your hairs for 20 to 25 minutes and then rinse off.

Amla and Henna Pack:


Take a bowl and make a paste of henna then add 14 tablespoon of coffee powder and 3 tablespoon of amla powder in it make a paste and apply it on your hairs and then leave it for 2 hours and then wash.

Coconut and Lemon Remedy:


Take some coconut oil and add some lemon juice in it and apply them on roots and also to the entire length use this treatment twice in a week and it works.

Treatment of Rosemary and Sage:


Rosemary and Sage are the most used stuff in the treatments of skin and hairs. It effectively turns your hairs into black because it helps in pigmentation process. Take some dried rosemary and sage add two cups of water and heat them until boiling for 30 minutes and then set the mixture aside for 2 hours. Then apply the mixture properly on scalps and then wash of after some time.


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