Hot African American Stone Age Inspired Braided Hairstyle Ideas

| February 3, 2016

Black Women Inspired Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Girls:

I know, now you are completely fed up from the typical curling hairstyle, straight hairs or twisted buns. So, what hairstyle you should try for getting extra fabulous & bold look? Well, dear girls it’s the right time to take some inspiration from the African American women braided hairstyle. Yes, don’t be afraid from trying something bold & chic. I am sure the idea of taking inspiration from the black women tribal braided hairstyle will surely add some spice into your old & boring look. It’s the right time to rock on your whatsapp account, facebook or twitter account by making stunning African tribal braided hairstyles. Just capturing your new look into the eye of camera, then filter your picture a little  so that you can look like a beauty queen & then upload your new notable & gallant profile pic. I am hundred percent sure that you friends cannot stop themselves from praising your innovative look. Dear don’t worry, as no matter which style of dress you are wearing because these braided hairstyle can go best with almost every style from formal gowns to casual pant shirt, from shorts to pants, from crop top to button down shirt & so on.  So, are you ready for exploring the braided hairstyle ideas? If yes then let’s go & explore different ideas with important points!

Braided Bun Enthused from Black Women:

african american women braided bun hairstyle

It’s the right to indulge yourself into new trend of fashion. Mostly people think that Africans are backward but dear in fashion world African women & men have gotten a specific place due to their innovative, extra courageous & bold styles of fashion. So, it’s the time to have a look towards the African American who usually appears in their traditional (stone age era) braided hairstyle but when by using this braided idea the bun is created then it looks hottest & boldest. These braids started from the very close of hair scalp but if you like then you can star these braids from scalp area as well as from the nape area. You can made bun either with box braids or cornrows. Try this one if you like it!

African Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

half up half down braided hairstyle for black women

It is another style that is called African American braided half up half down hairstyle. These braids are not simple braids but you need lot of time & effort for making these braids. But once you made these then you will be free from the fear of hair tangling. As we know that these braids are made very tightly that’s why they promotes hair growth plus you never need to comb your hairs daily. After making braids, then set your hair half up & keep half down. Use hair clips or pins for this hairstyle. Whether you have short hair or long, never matters, just try the charm of African braided half up half down hairstyle.

Black Women Braided High Ponytail Idea:

high braided ponytail African American for women

You can try a high ponytail as well. If you wear hoop earring with high braided ponytail then believe you will rock like a celebrity into a street. In ponytail hairstyle, there are two ideas. One is a ponytail that is made with those braids which are started from the scalp while other is the ponytail that is made with braids that started from the scalp area but soon ends near crown area. The remaining hairs are straightened well.  This hairstyle is perfect for those who have long or medium length hairs.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle Idea for Women:

mohawk hairstyles for african american girls

If you want to go on a party then be bold try Mohawk braided hairstyle. For bohemian theme parties, for ghostly theme & horror theme it will work best. It will surely add a heavy dose of valor & boldness into your personality.  I must say that only those girls who are bold enough can follow this style otherwise the shy girls should stay away from it or if they want to follow it then they must boost up their confidence level at first.

African American Braided Pigtail Hairstyle:

pigtail African American braided hairstyle

Want to get a lovely look by following the charm of braids? Then try braided pigtail hairstyle. It will not only add prettiness into your look but it will also give you a sassy look. It is best hairstyle for teenage girls. Look like a little princess who is usually everyone’s favorite into her family. So, you can also become a favorite girl of your area by making inspiring hairstyles!

Side Swept Braided Hairstyle Ideas:

side swept African American braided hairstyle

Get a conventional goddess look by making side swept braided hairstyles as shown into the above pictures. Do you have a night out plan with your friends’ then try one of the above shown hairstyles looks! When you set your hair in side swept style then it adds a little sex appeal in your personality. I think if you are going to wear a backless dress then try this side swept hairstyle so that your hairs can never become a hurdle into the beauty of your backless style.

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