Hot Red & Blonde Emo Hair Color & Highlights Ideas for Young & Teen Girls

| July 27, 2015

Emo Hair in Red & Blonde Colors:

Emo is a fashion that is getting popularity among the young & teen boys & girls. It is a fashion in which people usually like to wear tight clothes, unique footwear, antique jewelry, dark makeover & dark color hairs with creative & wonderful hair cuts are preferable. Emo girl or boys represent an emotionally sensitive personality. This fashion is usually derived from a rock n roll music group. Today, I am going to throw light on the Emo hair colors. Yes, Emo hair colors means you can go with any color combination that you like such as bright red, yellow, green, extra dark blue, black, white, Blonde, burgundy, magenta, pink, purple & so on. You can with highlights. You can dye only the edges of hairs or sometimes you can dye your full length hair. The choice is yours. Let’s have a look at some red & blonde emo hair color ideas.

Red Emo Hair Color:

1  red and blonde emo hair (4)

One option is that you can go simply with red emo hair color on all hairs as shown into the above picture. It will give you a very hot look.

Blonde Emo Hair Color Idea:

2 red and blonde emo hair (14)

Secondly, dear girls you can get a chic look by trying blonde hair color on all over the hairs. It will look very modish & eye capturing.

Red Hair with Blonde Edges:

3 red and blonde emo hair (3)

Thirdly, a unique idea is that you can try blonde hair color only at the edges of long red hairs as you can see into the above photo.

Red Emo Hair with Blonde Scalps:

4 red and blonde emo hair (2)

Fourthly, try this look, the red hair but with blonde scalps are looking quite ricking & trendy.

Blonde Hair with Red Highlights:

5 red and blonde emo hair (12)

Fifthly, you have the option of highlights. Try red highlights in blonde hairs as this celebrity do. Her red highlights are looking very fantastic!

Red Hair with Blonde Highlights:

6 red and blonde emo hair (7)
Similarly, you can try blonde highlights with red hairs exactly opposite of the above described idea.

Red & Blond Emo Hair for Girls:

No doubt that red & blonde hair color combination always look very pretty, pleasing & full of life. The bright red is combined with light & decent blonde color. For more ideas, take a look at the following photo gallery!

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