How to do Boho Curls with Easy Ways

| November 11, 2015

Bohemian fashion is trendy among girls and they get ready to be a boho girl by making boho hairstyles and dressing. Today I will tell you about making boho curls with easy ways that looks chic and stunning. Generally boho curls are also named as beach hair and messy hair style. You can make your wavy boho curls at home with some fine methods. Boho curls are not as strong as the curly hair assumed to be but with attractive waves that give you awesome style. You can try it to go before a beach visit or you may wanna to style yourself casually. Personally I really love this bohemian hair style and it dazzles much on long hair when you put beautiful hair to waves it looks like flowing water that is shining by reflecting the sunlight. Let’s grab some ways of giving boho curls to hair.

Using iron curlers

Boho Curls with iron rod 2

You may use iron curler to have boho wavy hair. Roll down the hair into inside of curler and let it iron only for 15 seconds. Go on doing same with the rest of the hair. Spray down the curls and here you have chic boho hair style.

By ironing multiple braids

Boho Curls with straightner step by step 3

Make multiple thin braids wetting hair and iron these braids to a straightener. Open the braids you will see you have better curls than either. Scrunch up the hair and rake fingers to set the position of curls.

With round edge straightner

To make boho curls you need a round edge beveled straighner that can work well. Heat your locks by bending the hair with round edge one by one making a bit close difference and do the same with other. Spray the hair for day long curls.

chic  Boho Curls 1

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